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  • 1 elevated game board
  • 1 action die
  • 2 magnetic wands (1 black, 1 red)
  • 4 Sumo hamsters
  • 4 scoring pegs
  • 40 food pellets
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Maneuver your Sumo hamster using a magnetic wand and try to knock your opponents out of the ring. The first player to win five matches wins the game.


Lift the game board out of the box bottom, remove all of the components, and fit the game board back into the box bottom. Place the box in the middle of the playing area.

If the Sumo hamsters are unassembled, put them together by matching up the "body" and "feet" sections according to the color of the belts. Guide the tabs of the feet section into the body and twist it to the left to lock into place.

Each player chooses a Sumo hamster and places it in a "home base" at one corner of the board. (Note: In a two-player game, place the other two hamsters in the other two corners).

Place a scoring peg that matches the color of your Sumo hamster's belt into the left-most hole behind its home base. Remember, the next player to roll the die is the one to the left of the player who most recently rolled the die (not necessarily the player who won a match).

Place the magnetic wands, food pellets, and action die within reach of all players.

Note: For enhanced play, replace the food pellets with 40 pennies or nickels from around the house.

Game Play

The player who weighs the least goes first and takes the Champion's (red) wand. On your turn roll the die and take one of the following three actions, depending on the side that lands face up:

  • Eat

    Take 4 pellets and feed your Sumo hamster. (Place them through the hole in its mouth). This ends your turn. Pass the die to the left.

  • Train

    All players move their Sumo hamsters just inside the center ring and nearest to their corners. (In a two player game, move the other two hamsters into the ring).

    Take the black magnetic wand (unless you have the Champion's wand) and slide it under the board, through one of the side slots in the box bottom, so that the magnetic side locks in with your Sumo hamster.

    Then, while holding one corner of the board, use the wand to maneuver your hamster and knock all of your opponents' hamsters back into their home spaces without them falling off the board.

    You may only push each opponent's hamster once! Win 2 food pellets for each hamster you successfully knock back home and feed them to your hamster.

    Note: Opponent's hamsters do not need to land feet first into their bases.

  • Slam

    Wrestle another Sumo hamster! A match consists of a best-of-3-rounds competition between you and whoever holds the Champion's wand (the most recent victor of a match). If you already hold the Champion's wand, then you may choose any other player to wrestle.

    To start a round, both players place their Sumo hamsters touching face-to-face in the center of the ring. They then place their magnetic wands under the board to lock in with their hamsters.

    All players (even those not wrestling) hold one of the corners of the board and together chant "Sumo-Ham-Slam!" to begin the round. On "Slam!" both players use their wands to guide their hamsters and try to knock the other player's hamster over or out of the ring.

    The first player to do so wins the first round. Start another round just as before and continue playing until one player has won two rounds. That player wins the match and claims the Champion's wand. She/He also moves his/her scoring peg up one point.


    • If both hamsters fall over or out of the ring at the same time, or it's unclear who won, the round ends in a draw. Reset the hamsters and start a new round.

    • The winner of the round keeps the Champion's wand until they lose it to another player.

End of the Game

The first player to win 5 matches is the Sumo Ham Slam Grand Champ!

how to remove food pellets from the hamsters

To remove the food pellets, simply turn the hamster upside down and twist the feet to the right to unlock and remove the bottom section.

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