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Play it risky or play it safe.. .either way you just gotta stack it! Roll your dice and stack higher or lower numbers on the dice tower.

Just don't knock down the tower because you'll score a big fat zero! But if you get all of your dice on the tower before it falls, everyone else loses out!


  • 20 Dice (4 Different Color Sets of 5 Dice)
  • Quake Plate,
  • 4 Dice Cups
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Be the first player to score 20 points by rolling the right numbers and steadily adding them to the single tower!


Set the Quake Plate on a table so all players can reach it.

Each player chooses a colored set of Dice and Dice Cup. For two or three players, use all five Dice in your set. For a four-player game, each player should only use four Dice; set aside the fifth one in your set.

One player is the scorekeeper; find a pencil and paper to keep score.

In a Nutshell

  • Build one tower on the Quake Plate (flat disc). The Quake Plate gives the tower its unpredictability!

  • The first player starts by trying to roll a 1, then build up from there.

  • Take turns rolling your Dice and adding to the tower.

  • Add Dice to the tower that are one higher or one lower than the number on top (note: with a 1, you can only go up to a 2; with a 6, you can only go down to a 5).

  • If you roll any qualifying Dice, you must add at least one Die to the tower.

  • Take turns rolling and adding to the tower until it falls!

Game Play

The youngest player goes first, rolling all of their Dice at once.

If you fail to roll any qualifying Dice, your turn is over. When adding Dice to the tower, you may only add one at a time, and only use one hand.

You may NOT straighten the tower. You CAN shift the Die you are adding to the tower, but once you let go, you cannot touch it again.

Play passes to the left and the next player rolls their Dice.


A 4 is showing at the top of the tower, and you roll 2, 3, 3 and 5. You can add the 5 and then stop. Or you can add the 3, then 2, then 3 to get three Dice on the tower instead of just one.

You can add higher and lower all in one turn. Use a little strategy to be able to use more Dice!


  • Each of your Dice in the tower is worth one point, unless you are the player who caused the tower to fall.

  • When one player successfully gets all of their Dice on the tower, the round is over. That player scores one point for every one of their Dice in the tower, and no other player scores. Each player gets their Dice back and a new round begins.

  • If the tower falls, the player who caused the fall gets no points, but the other players score one point for each Die they had in the tower. Again, all Dice go back to the players and a new round starts.

  • At the start of a new round, the player who caused the tower to fall starts. If the tower didn't fall in the previous round, the person to the left of the last person to play starts the new round.

End of the Game

The first player to reach 20 points is the winner! If there is a tie, those players play one more round to break the tie.

Note: You can store Dice in bottom of stacked Cups when not in use.

2-player Rule

All rules remain the same except that you start the tower with two non-player Dice, with a 6 showing on top. This means only 5s can be added to start.

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