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In the Solo game, the Signpost will make 1 complete circuit of the Hiking Map.

You need to fully cover the rows on your Mountain board in the correct order as quickly as possible as the points earned decrease with each turn.

Skillfully place the maximum of 20 Meadow tiles to master the game. Try out the campaign for an even bigger challenge.

Set-up Solo Game

Place the Hiking Map with the side face up in the center of the table. Fill the spaces with 25 random Meadow tiles and return the rest to the box - they will not be used unless you play a campaign (see Campaign rules).

Place the Rock tiles and the Marmots in the common supply. Take a Mountain board of your choice.

Keep pen and paper close to write down your points.

Game Play

The turns in the Solo game are the same as in the Multiplayer game with the exceptions that there are no Scoring phases and the Hiking Map is never refilled.

On your turn you take a Meadow tile, if available, from the Signpost Path. Whenever you move the Signpost next to a Path where there are no Meadow tiles left, simply skip this turn and move the Signpost one step further.

This still counts as 1 of your maximum 24 turns. In the Solo game you also use the diagonals as Signpost Paths.

Points Solo Game

As soon as you fully cover the first row on the bottom of your Mountain board write down the points noted in the Hiking Map border of the Signpost Path.

Write down the points again when you have fully covered the second row. Continue to note your points whenever you fully cover subsequent rows. It is possible to fully cover multiple rows in a turn. In that case just write the points down multiple times.

At the end of the game, tally the points you recorded and add 1 point for each cleared Burrow present on your Mountain board.

With this Meadow tile Eva fully covers 2 rows (the third and the fourth) at the same time. She notes 2 x 16 = 32 points for this turn.

End of the Game

The game ends either as soon as there are only 5 Meadow tiles left on the Hiking Map or after 24 turns, whichever occurs first.

Point Objective

How Well Did I Play?

A total of 140 points is a good game. Earning 150 points is an extraordinary achievement.


Shuffle all the Meadow tiles before your first game and create 4 piles with 25 Meadow tiles each.

Play 4 games with 4 different Mountain boards. The point objective for the campaign is 600 points.

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