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The Board Game Spontuneous is a unique concept in that it was designed around something that millions of people around the world subconsciously do in their everyday lives; they hear a word that triggers them to sing a song!

Because music is a part of everyone's life and continues to be engrained in our minds, Spontuneous is able to leverage this phenomenon and offer a competitive and exciting game appealing to millions of music and game enthusiasts around the world.

Once you've played, you'll see why Spontuneous will forever change the way you listen to music!


  • 1 Spontuneous Game Board
  • 10 Player Pawns
  • 50 Spontuneous Cards
  • 15 Second Timer
  • 1 Hitlist Tablet
  • 2 Dice
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

The Tunesmith tries to stump other players from being able to sing ANY song containing the Trigger-Word.

Game Play

Think of a song, pick a word from those lyrics and write it down on your Hitlist. Once all players have written a few Trigger-Words down, play begins.

The 1st Tunesmith flips the 15 second timer and announces a Trigger-Word from their Hitlist. The other players race to be the 1st to sing a 5-word portion of ANY song containing the given Trigger-Word.

The 1st player to begin singing BEFORE the time expires rolls both dice and advances on the treble clef.

If time expires and everyone is stumped, the Tunesmith must prove they know a song by singing a 5-word portion of lyrics containing their own Trigger-Word.

If the Tunesmith can prove it, they roll both dice and advance. If they can't prove it, they must roll and move backwards.

The person to the left of the original Tunesmith becomes the next Tunesmith and tries to stump the others with a Trigger-Word from their Hitlist. The Tunesmith position ALWAYS rotates clockwise.

If a player lands on a music note, they must draw a Spontuneous Card and complete the challenge.

End of the Game

The 1st player to reach finish and complete the Spontuneous Challenge WINS!

Target Market/marketing Strategy:

Targets anyone who likes music.

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