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Spill A Spell is a fast-moving spelling game for any number of players. If you are old enough to read, you are old enough to play. See the end of the rules for game play for players who are new to spelling.


  • 22 letter dice
  • one-minute timer
  • cup for shaking and spilling
  • score pad
  • pencil

Object of the Game

Get the most points by creating words with the face-up letters on your dice. The longer the word, the higher the score per letter.


Put the 22 dice in the cup. You will take turns building words. Drain the timer so you can flip it over to start one minute. Have the score pad and pencil handy to keep score.

Game Play

Shake the dice and spill them out onto the playing surface. As soon as the dice hit the playing surface, another player must flip over fne timer to start one minute.

With the letters facing up, lay the dice in sequence (from left to right or from top to bottom) to spell as many words as you can. To make maximum use of your letters, you are encouraged to intersect words crossword style.

When you run out of words, you may gather and spill the remaining dice and keep playing. When you run out of word ideas again you may gather and spill yet one more time. You are allowed two 're- spills". (Flip the timer again for each "re- spill").


  • 3 letter words: 1 point per letter;
  • 4 letter words: 2 points per letter;
  • 5 letter words and up: +3 points per letter.
  • 5 point bonus for using all 22 dice.

If a letter is used in two words - because you've intersected two words crossword-style - that letter gets scored twice - once for each word.

For example if you have a 4 letter word that crosses a five letter word at the letter "E", that "E" is worth 2 points for the four letter word plus 3 points for the five letter word for 5 points in all.

Subtract a point for each unused die. Record your score on the score pad.

Doubles - Special Fun Scoring

You can pick a category at the beginning of the game - such as ""sports words/1 "slang words", "movie titles/ or "people we know". If any of your words are in that category, double the score of that word.

End of the Game

After 10 rounds, whoever has the highest score is declared the winner.

You can also modify the number of rounds you wish to play to make your game of Spill & Spell longer or shorter.'

New Players

Alternatives - use any combination:

  • Remove the timer for the new speller.
  • Allow for more "re-spills"
  • Flip the timer twice or more
  • Reduce the number of dice
  • In scoring, do not subtract unused dice after a round.

Solo Play

To Play Spill & Spell solo, simply time yourself per round and try to score a personal record!

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