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Somewhere in a secret vegetable garden, a few intrepid snails are preparing for the most exciting race of the gear.

Watch out for mole holes, dodge flying carrots, and beware of the strong winds as your snail may lose its shell!

Hope the winds of chance blow your way to get you to the finish line first and win the famous Speedy Eddy Trophy!


  • 1 Wooden Playing Board
  • 4 Snails and Removable Shells
  • 4 belt chips
  • 2 dice
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The first snail to finish the race wins, with or without a shell on its back.

Game Play

Players choose a snail with its shell on and take turns throwing the dice.

  • If a snail has a shell on, it advances the number of squares that corresponds to the total of the 2 dice.

  • If the snail does not have a shell on, the player advances the body the number of squares shown on one of the dice.

    Then he moves any free shell the number of squares shown on the other die.

  • When a body and a shell end up on the same square, the snail must be assembled.

  • If after having played the first die, a snail has found a shell, then the completed snail advances the number of squares shown on the second die.

With their aerodynamic racing shells on, the snails are fearless and really fly I

Without them, they are sluggish and shy. The goal is to rush through the swirling winds by keeping a shell on the snail's body.

The shell does not have to be the snail's original shell - players can play any "free shell" they want.

A "free shell" is a shell detached from a snail body.

Special Squares

Special squares only apply to complete snails (a snail with a shell on its back) landing on these squares.

Do not apply to snails reassembled on these squares.

Strong Winds

The shell goes to the spot indicated by the strong winds square. The body stays on the strong winds square.

Lucky Clover Field

You roll the dice again.


You collect one belt chip. Give that chip back the next time you fall on a strong winds square to keep your shell on your back.

Mole Hole

The mole hole takes you to the square indicated in the hole.

Salad Leaves

The snail stops for a snack.

Only a matching pair of dice will get you on your way again.

Flying Carrots

You just got knocked out by a flying carrot. You lose your next turn.

End of the Game

The First Snail (with or without a shell on its back) to cross the finish line wins the game.

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