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  • Game board
  • Deck of cards
  • 16 pawns (4 each of four colors)

Game Board

  • The Slides

    Some parts of the track have "slides". The triangle is the start of the slide and the circular end is the end.

    If a pawn ends at the start of a slide (color of an opponent's color), the pawn skids to the end of that slide. Any pawns in the middle of that slide are sent back to their respective start square.

  • Safety Zone

    This are the colored squares leading to your home and your pawns are safe here because no other player can affect a pawn here.

    A player can only enter safety zones matching the color of his pawn and you enter the zone from where it joins the open track.

  • Home

    This is the final destination for your pawns. You can only reach here by an exact count.


Choose a color and place the according pawns on the start space.

Shuffle the deck of cards and place them face down on the "place pack here" mark.

Deal 5 cards face down to each player.

Choose a player that can start. i.e. the youngest player.

Object of the Game

The players should get all 4 of their pawns to their home square.

Game Play

On you his turn a player must do:

  1. Select one card from your hand.

  2. Play it onto the discard pile and move one of your pawns according to the card's instructions.

  3. Draw a new card and add it to your hand.

You may jump over pawns and if a pawn ends on a square that is occupied by another pawn, then the occupying pawn is sent back to its start square.

To move a pawn from your start out onto the open track, you must draw either a 1 or a 2. If it is a 2, do as it says, then draw again and move if possible.

If at any time you cannot move, you forfeit your turn but else you must move. Once a pawn reached HOME, he can't not move anymore for the rest of the game.

The Cards

1Move one pawn forward 1 space
2Move one pawn forward 2 spaces.
3Move one pawn forward 3 spaces.
4Move one pawn backwards 4 spaces.
5Move one pawn forward 5 spaces.
7Move one pawn forward 7 spaces
or split the forward move between any two pawns.
8Move one pawn forward 8 spaces
10Move one pawn forward 10 spaces
or move one pawn 1 space backwards.
11Move one pawn forward 11 spaces
or switch any of your pawns with one of any of your opponent's. (*)
12Move one pawn forward 12 spaces.

(*) You may forfeit the switch if you don't want to do it and you also can't go forward 11 spaces. You also can only use the 11 for pawns on the open track that are not on start or on a safety zone.

If the draw pile runs out of cards, then you have to shuffle the discards and use them again.

End of the Game

The first player who get all his 4 pawns on his HOME wins the game.

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