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Team Rules

Red is Yellow's partner and Green is Blue's partner.

The regular rules apply but any partner may move on his or the partner's pawn in accordance with the card drawn. If you land on a square occupied by a partner's pawn, then go back to its Start.

The 7 card means you may split a move among any or all eight of your team's pawns. If you draw 1 or 2, you may enter a pawn of yourself or from your partner.

The game is won when all eight pawns are on their respective Homes.

Sorry for expert

All regular rules apply except:

  • Put only 3 of your pawns on your start space while the 4th pawn is on the circle outside your start already.
  • Card 8 let your pawn move 8 spaces forward or let exchange two cards (including the 8).
  • Use a hand of 7 cards instead of 5.
  • To win, you must score the most points.


All players score 5 points for each piece on Home. All payers score 1 point when they can bump an opponent's piece back to Home.

The winner also scores as follows:

  • 2 points for each opponent's piece not in its Home.
  • 10 points if no opponent has more than two pawns in its Home.
  • 20 points if no opponent has more than one pawns in its Home.
  • 30 points if no opponent has one pawn in its Home.

Drunken Sorry

Drink once when someone sends you to start, twice when it's a sorry! Drink twice when you use a 4 or a 7 card.

All opponents drink one beer when a pawn gets on home. If a player lands on a slide, he must drink again twice. All losers drink one beer.

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