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  • 1 Die
  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Character Movers
  • 4 Mover Stands
  • 4 Reward Cards
  • 12 Compass Cards
  • 20 Animal Photo Card
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Collect points by "taking pictures" of the animals on the map. Be the player to collect the most points after all the players get back to the Commvee to win the game.


  1. Place the game board in the middle of the playing area.

  2. Punch out the Character Movers and put them in their Mover Stands. Each player chooses an assembled Character Mover and places it on the Commvee "Home" space in Asia. Set any unused Character Movers aside.

  3. Separate the Compass Cards and the Reward Cards from the Animal Photo Cards. Place the Compass Cards to the left of the game board where everyone can reach them.

    Lay out the Character Reward Cards (matching the Character Movers in play) face up on the right side of the board. Set any unused Reward Cards aside.

  4. The Animal Photo Cards all have colored backgrounds that match the continent where each animal lives. Place the cards picture side up with blue (North America), teal (Europe) and pink (Asia) borders above the matching colored continents at the top of the board.

    Line them up. Place the cards with green (South America), orange (Africa), lavender (Antarctica) and yellow (Australia) borders below the matching colored continents at the bottom of the board. Line them up.

Game Play

All players roll the die. If you roll a compass, roll again. The highest roll goes first.

The first player rolls the die and can move up to the number on the die. Your goal is to land on the Animal Photo on the board and "take" that corresponding Photo card.

Therefore, you do not have to land on an Animal Photo by exact count. If you roll a 5 but see an Animal Photo 2 spaces away, you don't have to move all 5 spaces, but can move just the 2 to snap up the Animal Photo.

The board is divided into spaces by longitude (running North and South) and latitude (running East and West). You may move your Character Mover in any combination of right (east), left (west), up (north) and down (south) directions around the board.

If you land on an Animal Photo that no one has landed on before, you get to "take" that photo and collect the corresponding Animal Photo Card. You earn one point for each Animal Photo Card you collect. If you land on an Animal Photo that someone has already collected, you cannot take that Animal Photo Card.

Each time you "take" a picture, turn the Animal Photo Card over and let Eliza tell you fun facts about the animal. Read the card out loud so everybody can hear and learn. Colored swooshes extending from the Animal Photos on the board also show you where that animal lives in the world.

Once you've read the back of the Animal Photo Card, place it face up in front of you so other players can see which Animal Photo Cards have and have not yet been taken. Be sure to keep the Animal Photo Cards you've collected separated from the Animal Photo Cards that have not yet been taken.

Two players may not occupy the same space. So, you cannot move to a space that is already occupied by another Character Mover. Simply move around them.

Play passes to the left (clockwise).

Advanced Play

Since the world is round, you may travel around it! You can "jump" to the opposite side of the map by exiting the far northern edge and re-entering the corresponding space on the southern edge. (Use the letters to guide you).

This also works for eastern and western crossings, left to right on the board. (Use the numbers to guide you).

Compass Cards

If you land on a compass square OR if you roll a compass on the die, draw a Compass Card. Be sure to read the card out loud and follow the directions on it.

For example, if you draw the Compass Card that reads, "The eagles are migrating.

Go to North America, now!" you must move your Character Mover to the space with the "X" in North America.

If there is already another player on the space when you get there, send them back to the space you just came from. Remember which space you moved from!

If you draw a Compass Card that instructs you to do something that you cannot do, roll again.

For example, if the card tells you to "take an Animal Photo Card from the player with the most pictures", and you are the player with the most pictures, roll again and continue your turn. Or, if a Compass Card tells you to collect an Animal Photo Card and all of the pictures have been taken, roll again.

The Race Back Home

When all of the Animal Photo Cards have been collected, it's a race back to the Commvee! The first player back wins the corresponding Reward Card for his/her Character Mover.

Each Reward Card is worth three bonus points, so only the player who gets to the Commvee first is rewarded with three extra points. Once the first player gets back to the Commvee, the game is over.

Reward Card

Tally up the score. Remember: Animal Photo Cards are worth 1 point; the Reward Card is worth 3 points.

End of the Game

When all the Animal Photo Cards have been collected and a player has returned Home, the game ends. The player with the most points wins!

Short Game

Game 1: Players decide ahead of time how many Animal Photo Cards a player needs to win.

The first player to collect that number of Animal Photo Cards wins and gets to collect their special Reward Card.

Game 2: Players set a time limit before beginning play. For example, set the timer for 20 minutes.

Once 20 minutes is up, the player with the most Animal Photo Cards wins and gets to collect their special Reward Card.

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