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  • 85 Animal Cards
  • 17 Slap Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Race your opponents in this cerebral free-for-all, and be the first to slap the SLAP CARDS. When all the Slap Cards are collected, the person with the most wins!

But be warned as this fast paced competition will test both your mental and physical reflexes. So get ready to think fast and act even faster. Focus people... it's survival of the fastest!

Game Play

Separate the red Slap Cards from the blue Animal Cards, and shuffle both decks. Then, deal out the Animal Cards one at a time until the pack is completely dealt. It is not important if some players have more cards than others. Players keep their cards face down in front of them.

Now, draw the top 2 cards from the Slap Deck, and place them face up in the center of the table. Be sure they are slightly apart from each other, and easy for everyone to reach.

If you're the player with the longest hair, you start the game. Flip over your top Animal Card, and place it in front of your Animal Deck, toward the center of the table, so everyone can see.

Play continues clockwise. Notice each animal card have 1, 2, or 3 animals: Elephants, Kangaroos, Rhinos, Monkeys, or Cows.

Players take turns flipping over their top card in the same manner. ALL of these animal cards are now in play. Be sure to keep track of the animals in play so you can score a Slap Card.

When it's your turn again, flip over a new animal card and cover up the previous one. Everyone should only have one animal card showing at a time.

Now for the tricky part! Play continues around the table at a relatively rapid pace, with the animal cards changing with every flip. That is until someone slaps a Slap Card and scores!


As soon as the EXACT requirement for either Slap Card is met, by ALL the animals in play, it's a free for all! The first person to slap the correct Slap Card scores!

This can be a bona fide slap, a delicate finger tap, a quick sweep, or a full force slap hammer! The victorious player takes the slap card for his own and replaces it with the top card from the Slap Deck. Be prepared to slap at all times.

So for example, let's dream up 3 animal cards in play: One card has 2 yellow cows, one has 3 blue monkeys, and one has 2 red cows. If a Slap Card reads "Four Cows", it could be slapped since there are exactly 4 cows in play. (2 yellow cows + 2 red cows = 4 cows).

Incorrect Slaps

If someone slaps a slap card, but realizes that its exact requirements were not in play, that player must return a previously won slap card to the bottom of the Slap Deck.

If you slap incorrectly, and have not won any slap cards, then you're lucky - nothing happens.

For example: One slap card in play reads "Four Red Animals" and you slap it. However, there are actually five red animals in play - oh no! That's a bad slap because EXACTLY four red animals are not in play. Give a slap card back, slick.

Any Color Cards

"Any Color" Animal cards are just like any other animal card with one exception: like a chameleon, these cards can represent ANY COLOR of the animal shown, at any time, by anyone.

So a card with an Any Color elephant can be considered one blue elephant or one red elephant, etc. If two (or more) Any Color Cards are in play, they do not have to be considered the same color.

If you Run Out of Animal cards

When it's your turn and you can't flip any more cards, hold your horses! The game pauses so you can shuffle your face up cards and turn them back face down.

Then flip over the top card as you typically would and the game continues as normal. No one can slap until the player shuffling has flipped over a new card.

End of the Game

When all the Slap Cards have been grabbed, the game is over! Count up your Slap Cards and the player with the most slap cards is the winner!

Golden Rules

These rules should be rigorously enforced to avoid mayhem!

  1. Players must flip the Animal Cards away from themselves, so that the player flipping does not get a peek before the others.

  2. Flipping the cards and slapping must be done with the same hand.

  3. When you can't figure out who slapped first, the hand that covers up most of the card wins.

  4. Please, do not feed the animals.

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