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  • 47 Treasure Map Cards
  • 8 Expedition cards
  • 4 Score Cards
  • 1 Round Card
  • 4 Dry-Erase Markers
  • Instructions

Game Elements

Note: The 60 game cards are only dry-erasable on the front side, not on the back!

Treasure Map Cards:

There are 12 cards each in Purple, Orange and Green, and 11 in Gray. During the game, the individual fields on the treasure map cards are crossed out.

A fully crossed out treasure map card will earn you a number of victory points, as indicated in the top left corner of the card. Some cards contain a seal in the upper right corner, which can be used to gain additional bonus victory points.

Expedition Cards

These cards determine the course of the expedition, by displaying the number and pattern of fields that must be crossed off a treasure map card. When an expedition card is revealed, it applies to all players.

As soon as 7 of the 8 expedition cards have been revealed, the current round ends.

This expedition card indicates
that 3 fields in a straight line
must be crossed out.

Round Card

After each round is completed, one of the 4 round boxes is crossed out.

These are the 8 patterns available on the expedition cards.


Each player takes a Dry-Erase Marker and a Score Card, which is placed in front of him. Shuffle the 47 Treasure Map Cards and deal 4 to each player. Each player selects 2 of the cards to keep, which are placed face up in front of him. The unchosen cards are returned to the Treasure Map Card deck.

Score Card

The Round Card is placed in the middle of the table. The Treasure Map Card deck is shuffled again and placed face down in the middle of the table as a draw deck. The top 4 Treasure Map Cards are turned face up and placed in a row as an open display.

Note: Over the course of the game, the display of Treasure Map Cards is always refilled to a maximum of 4 cards.

The 8 Expedition Cards are then shuffled and place next to the Treasure Map Card deck as a face down Expedition Card deck. Finally, a starting player is determined by any method. Note: Over the course of the game the starting player rotates in a clockwise direction after Action 3 of each turn.

Game Play

One at a time, an Expedition card is revealed, and each player crosses out fields on 1 of his 2 Treasure Map Cards corresponding to the pattern shown on the Expedition Card.

Once 7 of the 8 Expedition Cards are revealed, and players mark their Treasure Map Cards accordingly, there will be 1 unused Expedition Card remaining. This signals the end of the round. After a total of 4 rounds are played, each player calculates his victory points and the game ends.

Each round consists of 7 turns, in which the following 3 actions are always performed in order:

1st Action: Reveal an Expedition Card

The starting player reveals the top Expedition Card from the deck and places it face up next to it.

2nd Action: Cross Out Treasure Map Card Fields

Each player then crosses out fields on either 1 of his 2 Treasure Map Cards, according to the pattern shown on the current Expedition Card.

The crossed out pattern may be rotated 90° or 180°, or even mirrored from what is shown on the Expedition Card, but must otherwise be complete and unchanged. Each field on a Treasure Map Card may only be crossed out once.

Important! Alternate 2nd action: If a player cannot or does not want to use the pattern shown on the current Expedition Card, he may instead cross off exactly 1 field on either 1 of his 2 Treasure Map Cards. It is not allowed to completely skip crossing out any fields on a turn.

Linus crossed out the L-shaped pattern on his Treasure Map Card (both rotated 90° and mirrored).

Note: During the course of a round, all revealed Expedition Cards are stacked on top of each other. It is not allowed to look through the stack of revealed cards, in order to determine which Expedition Cards have already been revealed.

If a player crosses out a field with a Cross Symbol on it, he must immediately cross out another empty field anywhere on either 1 of his 2 Treasure Map Cards. If this field has a Cross Symbol on it, he crosses out another empty field, etc.

If a player crosses out a field with a Coin Symbol on it, he crosses out the next empty Coin space on his Score Card, starting from the leftmost field in the top row, and moving from left to right.

When the top row is fully crossed out, move to the second row, starting again at the left.

If a player crosses out all 12 Coin Spaces in the 3 rows, he has reached the maximum bonus, and any further crossed out Coin Symbol fields do not earn anything additional for the player.

Important: If a Coin row is fully crossed out (4 fields), the player receives Victory Points (Trophy Cup symbol) for it during the 3rd Action.

If a player crosses out a field with a Palm Tree Symbol on it, he immediately earn Victory Points.

He earns 1 Victory Point for the crossed out Palm Tree; in addition, he earns 1 Victory Point for each Palm Tree shown on all Treasure Map Cards in the open display. (The player's other Treasure Map Card is not taken into account).

Tim crosses out a Palm Tree symbol on 1 of his I 0 9 9 G 2 Treasure Map Cards.

For this he earns 1 Victory Point. On the 4 cards in the open display, 2 Palm Tree symbols can be seen, earning him another 2 Victory Points. He writes a "3" in the first empty Palm Tree scoring box.

Important: Each player may score Palm Trees a total of 4 times during the game. Any further crossed out Palm Tree symbols will not earn a player any Victory Points.

3rd Action: Score Completed Coin Rows and/or Treasure Map Cards

Any player who has completely crossed out a Coin Row on his Score Card or one of his Treasure Map Cards (or both) during Action 2 will now score for the completed card(s) and/or row(s).

Now the players, beginning with the starting player and proceeding clockwise, earn Victory Points for their completed Coin Rows and completely crossed out Treasure Map Cards as follows.

Note: Victory Points for a player's completed Coin Row will only be scored when it is his turn to score.

If a player has crossed out all 4 Coin spaces in a row on his Score Card, he will earn the number of Victory Points shown on the highest-valued Trophy Cup on the Round Card that has not been crossed out yet.

He crosses it out and enters that number in the Trophy Cup of the completed Coin Row. If all 6 Trophy Cups on the Score Card have been crossed out, no further Victory Points will be awarded for completed Coin Rows.

Linus is the first player in the game to complete a Coin Row. He wins the Trophy Cup on the Score card with a value of 6, and therefore earns 6 Victory Points.

The next player to complete a Coin Row will earn 5 Victory Points, etc.

If a player has crossed out all fields on a Treasure Map Card, he sets it aside face up as a scoring stack, remaining visible to all players until the end of the game. The player now takes a new Treasure Map Card, either 1 of the 4 cards in the open display, or the top face down card in the Treasure Map Card deck. If a player has completed both of his Treasure Map Cards during a turn, he takes 2 new Treasure Map Cards in the same way.

Note: The open display of Treasure Map Cards is only refilled back to 4 at the very end of a player's scoring action.

Sarah has completely crossed out all fields on her orange Treasure Map Card. She earns 12 Victory Points for this.

She sets the completed card aside and takes a new Treasure Map Card from the middle of the table.

In the rare case that the Treasure Map Card deck runs out, the game continues as normal - the open display can then no longer be refilled to 4 cards, and from then on consists of fewer than 4 cards.

Important: After Action 3, the next player in clockwise order becomes the starting player for the next turn.

End of the Round

After 7 turns, that is, after 7 of the 8 Expedition Cards have been revealed and are used by all players to cross out fields, the round ends. There is therefore 1 Expedition Card per round that will not be used.

The next empty round field on the Round Card is crossed out to signify the end of a round. Then, all 8 Expedition Cards are once again shuffled and placed face down as the draw deck for the next round.

End of the Game

The game ends after 4 rounds. Incomplete Treasure Map cards do not earn any Victory Points and are set aside. Each player now tallies their Victory Points on their Score Card as follows:

  • Each crossed out Coin space earn 1 point.
  • Each Trophy Cup earns the number of points entered in it.
  • The numbers entered into the 4 Palm Tree spaces are totaled as points.
  • Each completed Treasure Map Card earns the points in its upper left corner.
  • Seals on completed Treasure Map cards will earn 1 or 2 additional points for each Treasure Map Card of the seal's color. If a player has multiple seals, each seal is scored accordingly.

The player with the highest total of Victory Points is the winner. In case of a tie, the winner is the tied player who has completed the most Gray Treasure map Cards.

Further ties are decided by Green, then Orange, then Purple Treasure Map Cards.

Sarah has completed 6 Treasure Map cards with a total of 64 Victory Points. The Gray seal earns her 1 point per Gray card (2 bonus points).

The Orange seal earns her 2 points per Orange card (4 bonus points). 9 crossed out Coin spaces and the values in the Trophy Cups total 17 points. The Palm Tree spaces add up to 8 points.

Therefore, Sarah's grand total is 95 points.

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