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  • 8-piece puzzle game board
  • 55 action cards
  • 4 wooden game pieces
  • 1 muslin drawstring bag.
  • Rulebook


Assemble the puzzle game board.

Each player should choose a wooden mover and place it on the first space on the board. Place the stack of cards face down next to the game board.

Game Play

  1. Youngest player goes first. When it's your turn, choose one card from the pile and do what it says! With gusto & enthusiasm! If you complete the card & do a good job, then...

  2. Move the number of spaces indicated by the card. But stay on your toes!

    Some cards are contests, some cards let YOU decide who moves, and some cards indicate that OTHER players move...this is how you build Character!

    Player to the left goes next! And so on until...


End of the Game

First player to reach the end of Silly Street WINS!

The illustrious winner gets to lead the group in a RAGING dance party. Disco!

Tiny note: literally...Say you land on a spot that renders you stuck for a turn. You must honor this space EVEN if you so happen to win a contest.

So, simply move forward, but still skip your next turn. No complaints, buddy! Those are the rules. - The management

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