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  • Twist & Tumble Dice Cup
  • 6 Shizzle Dice
  • 14 5-Point Square Chips
  • 30 1-Point Circle Chips
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Score the most points by forming the longest lines of Dice.

The Quick Scoop

  • Each side of each Die is unique in its color and number combination. Example: There is only one green 4. The set combination may vary from those shown below.

  • Points are scored by building lines of Dice that start with a Spark Die; each Die matches the next in color or number.

  • Each Die in your line is worth one point unless you get a Shizzle (six in a line). With a Shizzle, you can choose to make another player lose points!

  • You may keep rolling Dice to try to improve your score or end your turn and take the points. A Fizzle is the exception.

  • If at any time, you roll Dice and none can be added to your Dice Line, you Choke. Your turn is over and you score no points for that turn.

  • The Twist & Tumble Dice Cup is a fun new way to roll dice. You may also use it as a traditional dice cup if you choose.


Place Chips in the center of the playing area, which will be the Bank. Circle Chips are worth one point, and Square Chips are worth five points. Use a combination of Circle and Square Chips that add up to the point amount that coordinates with how many players there will be:

  • 2 Players = 40 points in the bank
  • 3 Players = 60 points in the bank
  • 4 Players = 75 points in the bank
  • 5 Players = 90 points in the bank
  • 6 Players = 100 points in the bank

Game Play

The youngest player goes first, and rolls ONE DIE. It doesn't matter which Die, just choose one. Set this Die in front of you. It is now your Spark Die, and you will build a Dice line using this as your starting point.

Now use the five other Dice and try to find some matches! Toss the five Dice into the Twist & Tumble Dice Cup. Twist the top of the cup clockwise and watch the Dice tumble out! Keep your Spark Die (and the line you build) away from the Twist & Tumble to avoid Dice knocking into it.

To build your line, you want to MATCH YOUR DICE BY NUMBER OR COLOR from one Die to the next, starting with the Spark Die. Your whole line does not need to match; only Dice that touch needs to match each other.

For example, if your Spark is a red 5, your next Die could be a 5 of any color or any number that is red. If you use a red 2, then your next Die could be a 2 of any color or any number that is red again, and so on.

Your goal is to form the longest line possible. There will often be more than one way to line up your Dice, so try to do it in a way that allows you to use more!

Note: You can only build in one direction/on one side of Spark Die.

As long as you add a Die to your line, you may choose to continue rolling to try to improve your score. A Fizzle is an exception to this.

You get one point for each Die in your line, and you take these points in Chips at the end of each turn.

If you ever roll and do not have any Dice that can be added to your line, your turn is over and you do not get any Chips. After each player's turn, the Die at the end of their line is the next player's Spark from which they will try to build a line.

Play moves to the left and continues until the Bank is empty.

Rolls & Scores

There are four things that can happen with your roll:

  1. Choke

    None of the Dice you rolled will match with the Spark or line. This ends your turn and causes you to lose any points you may have accumulated for that turn.

    A Choke can happen on your first roll or a subsequent roll.

  2. Shizzle

    All six Dice are used in a line...make sure you announce your Shizzle with pride!

    • Once you have a Shizzle, you can take six points in Chips OR you can make another player immediately return six points to the Bank.

    • If you continue rolling after a Shizzle, the last Die in the line becomes your new Spark and you roll the remaining five Dice. But be careful, if you Choke, you lose your Shizzle points, too!

    • If you get multiple Shizzles in one turn (what a feat!), you may take points for some and have another player give back points for some.mixing and matching is allowed.

  3. Flicker

    If you have a line of three, four or five Dice, you've got a Flicker. You can either end your turn and take your three-to-five points (equal to dice) in Chips, plus any previously accumulated points. Or you can roll again, trying to extend your line.

    • If you Choke on a subsequent roll, you lose your accumulated points.

    • For each subsequent roll, you must add at least one Die to your line.

  4. Fizzle

    The longest line you can make is two Dice (the Spark plus one), and you must stop rolling. Your turn ends, and you take two points in Chips for a Fizzle, plus any other points you may have accumulated from that turn (if you rolled again after a Shizzle).

    Note: A Fizzle can only happen when rolling five Dice.

Remember: With a Shizzle or a Flicker, you may stop rolling at any time and collect your points in Chips. If you continue rolling and Choke, you lose accumulated points for that turn.

Type of RollWhat it IsWhat Happens
ChokeNo dice match your sparkYour turn ends; no points
ShizzleA line of six dice1.Take six points and stop, or
2. Make another player return six points to the bank, or
3. Keep rolling
FlickerA line of three, four or five dice1. Take points and stop, or
2. Keep rolling
FizzleA line of two diceYour turn ends; take two points

End of the Game

The player with the most points once the Bank is empty is the Shizzle victor! Pump your fists in the air and do a Shizzle victory dance, if you are so inclined!

Tactical Tips

  • Be vigilant when building your Dice line .... placed correctly, your Dice could form a longer line than you thought possible!

  • When you choose to continue rolling, roll fewer Dice for a better chance to get a Shizzle, or roll more Dice to better avoid a Choke.

  • When the game gets close to ending, watch the other players' Chip piles! You may want to play riskier or make others give Chips back to the Bank instead of taking some yourself on a Shizzle. Do you really want to take the last few Chips that end the game if you're not going to be the winner?

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