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  • 4 Pirate Playing Pieces
  • 4 Playing Piece Stands
  • 1 Number Die
  • 1 Direction Die
  • 16 Cannonballs
  • 12 Treasure Chests
  • 40 Pirate Cards
  • 1 Plastic Game Board
  • 4 Treasure Maps
  • 4 Wipe-off Markers
  • 1 Ship's Bow
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To be the first pirate to collect three different-colored treasures (you cannot collect your own treasure).


  1. The game components are stored underneath the game board. Carefully pick up the plastic game board and cardboard platform to retrieve the game components.

  2. Place the cardboard platform inside the box base, then rest the plastic game board on top of the platform with the hatches facing up so that they can swing open in the direction of the bow.

  3. Before playing for the first time, punch out the pirate playing pieces and place them in the plastic stands that match the colors of their clothing.

  4. Each pirate chooses one playing piece, along with four cannonballs and the three pieces of treasure that match that pirate's color.

  5. Fold and attach the ship's bow. Refer to the back of the bow for instructions.

  6. Take a treasure map and a wipe-off pen. The spaces on the maps match the spaces on the game board. Be sure to line up your treasure map so the bow is at the top of the page.

  7. Secretly mark on your map where you will hide your three treasures and four cannonballs. You may only hide your treasures and cannonballs under Xs that match your color.

  8. When three players are playing, mark your map for your own treasure and cannonballs plus one extra cannonball and one extra piece of treasure of the color that no pirate is using. There will be one cannonball left over that will not be used.

  9. When two players are playing, mark your map for your own treasure and cannonballs plus all three treasures and four cannonballs for one of the colors that no pirate is using.

  10. When you are hiding these extra treasures and cannonballs, you must hide them under Xs that match the color of treasure you are hiding.

  11. If you are the youngest pirate, tell the other pirates to close their eyes while you hide all the treasures and cannonballs you marked on your map. Hide each treasure and cannonball by lifting up a hatch and dropping in a treasure or cannonball piece, then closing the hatch.

  12. The second youngest pirate goes next. This continues until all of the treasure and cannonballs are hidden.

  13. Place your playing piece on any blank space on the board to begin the game.

  14. Shuffle the cards and place them face down.

Game Play

Moving on the Ship's Deck

The youngest pirate goes first by rolling both dice and moving the number of spaces shown on the number die in the direction shown on the direction die. There is a compass rose on the board and on the treasure maps to help you know which direction to move.

You must move the full number shown on the number die. You may not move diagonally. When a pirate's turn is over, play passes to the left.

Rolling a "wild"

  1. Unless you roll a Wild and a 6 on the same roll, you must move in a straight line.

  2. When you roll a Wild and a 6, you do not have to move in a straight line. You may change direction as many times as you like, but you still may not move diagonally.

  3. You may not move so that you land on a single space twice on the same turn.

Reaching the Ends of the Board

If you reach one of the ends or sides of the game board and you still have moves remaining, you must "swim" under the deck of the ship and pop up on the other side.

To do this, move your playing piece to the opposite end of the row or column you were on and continue your move (do not actually pick up the game board).

It counts as one space to "swim" under the ship.

Opening Hatches and Collecting Treasures

When you land on an X that is not your color, you may (but you don't have to) open the hatch and look inside.

If you find treasure of a color you haven't already collected, collect that buried treasure and place it in front of you.

If you land on an X for a color of treasure that you already have, do not open the hatch. Instead, pick any card from the deck (see Picking Cards, below).

If you land on an X of your own color, you must open the hatch and show the rest of the pirates what is underneath.


If you find a cannonball when you open a hatch, you must skip your next turn.

Remove the cannonball and hold onto it until your next turn; this will remind you that you have to skip a turn.

On your next turn, place the cannonball out of play and skip your turn.

Blank Spaces/picking Cards

When you land on a blank space, pick any card from the deck. Read the instructions aloud and do what the card says to do.

If you land on an X for a color of treasure you already have, you may (but you don't have to) pick a card.

Some cards allow you to save them for later; if you get one of these cards place it face up on the table in front of you.

If you save a card for later, you can only play it at the beginning of your turn. After playing a card, you can still roll the dice and take your turn.

You cannot pick more than two cards on a turn. If a card moves you to another space where you need to pick a card, you can pick a second card. After following the instructions on that card your turn is over. Do not pick another card.

End of the Game

The first pirate to collect one of each treasure, not including his/her own, wins the game.

When you are playing with fewer than four players, you still need to collect three treasures to win the game.


  1. When you're playing a game with fewer than four pirates, it's a good idea to note on the map which treasure is yours and which is the other pirates'.

  2. As you set up the game, it's really important to mark your treasures and cannonballs on your treasure map before you place them underneath the hatches.

    This will make setting up the game a lot faster.

  3. Use your cards carefully, and if you can save a card be sure to save it for an important use.

  4. If you are forced to show where one of your own treasures is hidden, try to land on blank spaces because you might get a "Re-hide Your Treasure" card before another pirate captures your treasure.

    We hope you can save yourself and your treasure!

  5. A good, sneaky move is to re-hide your treasure to a place where the other pirates have already looked (because they'll think it's empty).

  6. Watch what the other players do and take good notes on your treasure map, so you'll know what to do when you land on another player's X.

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