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Hey Glamour Girl, are you ready to have some fun? Prove you're quicker than your friends in this action-packed card game.

Collect 4-of-a-kind, then grab a charm fast-fast-fast. Too slow? Get a letter. Spell the word CHARM and you're out of the game!


  • 52 cards
  • 5 awesome heart-shaped charms
  • instructions

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to be the only player who has not collected all of the letters of the word CHARM. The game is played in rounds, passing cards quickly from player to player.

In each round, you try to collect 4-of-a-kind of a particular suit and be the quickest to grab a charm from the middle before they're all gone.


  1. Put the charms in the middle of the playing area. Make sure there is one less charm than the number of players. For example, if there are 5 players, then you only need 4 charms.

  2. Pick a player to be the first dealer. The dealer is called the Starlette. She shuffles the deck and deals 4 cards face down to each player. She then places the rest of the cards face down in a pile in front of her.

    Only look at your own cards. (Keep your eyes out of other players' business, girlfriend!)

Game Play

A. Round One

The Starlette starts by taking the top card from the pile in front of her. If she wants to keep the card, she adds it to her hand and passes a card from her hand she doesn't want to the player on her left.

If the Starlette doesn't want the picked card, she simply passes it to the player on her left and picks a new card from the face-down pile. In the same way, each subsequent player decides whether she wants to keep or pass the card that is passed to her.

The last player (person to the Starlette's right) does not pass her cards to the Starlette, but instead discards them into a "Whatever!" pile in front of her.

Sample Cards and Chams

Hot tip #1: You are only allowed to have 4 cards in your hand at any time!

The Starlette continues to pick and pass cards to her left until one of the players collects 4-of-a-kind. That player shouts "Charmed!" and everyone races to grab a charm as fast as she can.

The player without a charm collects a "C", the first letter of the word "CHARM".

Hot tip #2: See how fast you can pick up and pass cards to the player to your left.

B. Each Following Round

Once a letter is given out, all of the charms are returned to the middle of the playing area. The player to the left of the Starlette becomes the new Starlette.

She reshuffles and deals out the cards for the next round. Keep playing, following the same rules as Round One.

Hot tip #3: If there are no more cards in the Starlette's pile in the middle of a round, reshuffle the "Whatever!" pile to make a new pile for the Starlette.

End of the Game

If you've collected all of the letters in the word CHARM, you're out of the game. The remaining players remove one of the charms from the center and keep playing.

The last player left after everyone else has spelled CHARM is the winner!

Other "charmed & Dangerous" Ways to Play

Here are some other fun versions of this card game:

Secret Charm

Don't say anything when you get 4-of-a-kind, just grab for a charm. Sneaky hands and watchful eyes are the keys to this version!

Gotta Fly

Set up the game in one room and put all the charms in another room.

When someone shouts "Charmed!", everyone races to the other room to grab a charm. Make sure you have plenty of space, or you'll end up in each other's face!

Truth or Dare

Instead of getting a letter when you lose a round, you instead choose to either "tell the truth" or "take a dare".

The Starlette for that round gets to make up a question or thinks of a silly thing to do. (If you're the Starlette, the player to your left should ask the question or create the dare).

Examples of questions might be, "Who's your favorite singer?" or "What's the grossest thing you ever did?" Some sample dares: "Balance a charm on your nose", "Put something you're wearing on backward", or "Touch the ear of someone who isn't playing this game".

This version ends whenever you want it to, or when everyone's had to tell the truth and take a dare at least once!

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