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  • Shake Case
  • Scorepad
  • 12 Dice
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Roll or Shake for points to get the highest total score.


Each player picks a colored die. Place the six Shake dice inside the case. Select a scorekeeper and give them the score pad(Note: You will need a pen or pencil).

Game Play

  1. The game consists of 10 rounds. To begin a round, the scorekeeper says, "1, 2, 3, GO!" and all players roll their colored die at the same time(If all players roll the same number, everyone re-rolls ).

  2. Players that roll the same number score that number and are done for this round.

  3. Arrange the remaining dice in a row from highest to lowest.

  4. The player with the highest number goes first and has a choice.

    • Take the points on the die they rolled as their round score or...
    • Give up the points on the die for a chance to Shake.

If the player decides to take the points, their turn is over and the choice to Shake passes to the next highest number rolled, and so on.

If the player chooses to Shake, all other players must score what they rolled because only one player may Shake per round. Let the risk taking begin!

Example of a 5 Player Round:

All five players roll their colored die. (This is the result:)

Set aside the two dice that match. These players score 40 for the round.

Arrange the dice from high to low. The player who rolled the "60" has the first choice.

How to Shake

A player choosing to Shake has given up the points on their die and is now starting at zero for the round.

  1. Take the case and Shake the dice.
  2. Total the score of the Shake.

Each =10 Points

Each =0 Points

Hold the case and Shake the dice up. Then, lay the case flat and show everyone what points you have.

The player now has a choice:

  1. Take the current score. If so, score the points gained by Shaking and your turn is over.

  2. Shake again to try and ADD on more points.

  3. A player can continue Shaking for more points or "stop" and keep their score at anytime.

  4. If the result of any Shake is all 6 dice showing zero, the player has crapped out. The current points are lost. The player scores zero for the round and the round is over.

Example of a Shake:

A player decides to Shake. (The first Shake result:)

Total the Score, 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 40 Points (This is the total so far this round).

This player decides to Shake again. (The second Shake result:)

Total the Score, 10 + 10 + 10 (+40) = 70 Points

(Add the 40 points from the previous Shake. At this point the player could stop and score 70 points for the round).

This player decides to Shake again. (The third Shake result:)

This player has crapped out. All points are lost, zero is scored for the round and their Shake is over.

Remember, Only one player may Shake per round.

All Shake Round

After 10 rounds of play, all players compete in the All Shake round. No one rolls their die in this round ( Unless a tie must be broken, see below).The player with the highest total score goes first, then the next highest and so on.

If two or more players are tied with the same total score after 10 rounds, these players must roll their colored dice to determine starting order for the All Shake round. Whoever rolls the highest number chooses the Shaking order of the tied players.

Every player gets a chance to Shake to try and add points to their final score! The normal "HOW TO SHAKE" rules apply.

End of the Game

Points are totaled after the All Shake round and the game is over. The player with highest total score is the winner.

How to use the Score Pad:

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