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Each round you have the choice between two Puzzle Tiles. Draw one of them in your Grid. If you cannot fit either of the two Puzzle Tiles, you receive a Second Chance - your personal Puzzle Tile. If you manage to fit it, you continue to play. If not, you drop out.


  • Block with Grid Sheets
  • 13 Starting Tile Cards (8 squares)
  • 40 Puzzle Tile Cards (1 to 7 squares)
  • 3 Overview Cards

You can use the Overview Cards and the Inlay to see which Puzzle Tiles are in the game.

Object of the Game

Draw Puzzle Tiles in your Grid to fill it as completely as possible. If you have the fewest empty squares by the end of the game, you win.


Every player takes a Grid Sheet and a pencil.

Shuffle the Starting Tile Cards and deal one to each player. Draw your Starting Tile into the Grid in a way that one square is filling the Center Space indicated by the circle.

After all players have drawn their Starting Tile, return all the Starting Tiles back into the box as they won't be needed anymore.

Shuffle the Puzzle Tile Cards and place them as a face down Deck in the center of the table.

Tip: Whenever you are drawing Puzzle Tiles in Second Chance, first draw the outlines of the shape and then mark off all its squares. That way you can avoid mistakes or confusion later in the game.

Game Play

Reveal two Cards from the Deck each round. Every player chooses one Puzzle Tile and draws it in their Grid. Multiple players can choose the same Puzzle Tile.

As soon as all players have drawn a Puzzle Tile, reveal two new Cards from the Deck and place them on top of the previous Cards.

Puzzle Tile Rules

You May ...

  • rotate and mirror the Puzzle Tiles.

    You can draw this Puzzle Tile in eight different ways.

  • draw the Puzzle Tiles adjacent or separate.

You May Not ...

  • change the position of previously drawn Puzzle Tiles.

  • draw Puzzle Tiles on top of each other A or overlapping B.

  • draw Puzzle Tiles in a way that they exceed the Grid C.

Second Chance

What Happens When No Puzzle Tile Fits?

If you cannot draw either of the revealed Puzzle Tiles in your Grid, wait until the other players have drawn their Puzzle Tile. Afterwards, reveal an extra Puzzle Tile Card just for yourself - this is your Second Chance.

  • Case A - It Fits!

    Draw the Second Chance Puzzle Tile in your Grid and continue to play normally in the next round.

    You may receive multiple Second Chances during a game.

  • Case B - It Doesn't Fit!

    If you cannot draw the Second Chance Puzzle Tile, you drop out from the current game. Multiple players can drop out in the same round. The players who drop out first in each game, write the number 1 as a bonus into an empty square.

    This 1 has two functions: it fills the square and is a tiebreaker at the end of the game.

You still might win the game, even though you dropped out first.

Your Second Chance Puzzle Tile will be discarded and is not available for the other players.

End of the Game

The game can end in three ways.

  1. All players dropped out.
  2. The Deck runs out of Cards.
  3. Someone fills their Grid entirely.

If you cannot reveal two new Puzzle Tile Cards for the next round or if everybody dropped out, the game ends.

If there are not enough Puzzle Tile Cards left for every player to receive a Second Chance when they would get one, the game ends as well and nobody receives a Second Chance.

Count all your empty squares. Whoever has the least empty squares remaining wins the game!

In case of a tie, the tied players with the 1 in their Grids win.

If one or more players completely fill their Grid, the game ends prematurely. All players who completely filled their Grid win the game.

Solo Mode

Play three games consecutively and sum up the empty squares on all Grids.

Your goal is to have less than ten empty squares. You don't get the bonus for dropping out in the Solo Mode.

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