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  • Scramble
  • 1 Timer
  • 2 Ball Bearings
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To try and complete Screwball Scramble in the fastest time without dropping the ball.

If the ball does drop off, start again from the beginning without re-setting the timer.


Assemble Screwball Scramble on main base, as shown in the diagram. Place the vertical hoop into the hole, and insert the timer into the slot at the top of the base.

Before starting the game, make sure Screwball Scramble is on a flat surface and the parallel bars are closed.

Place the ball in the start position on the right hand side of the game, as marked on the diagram. Set the timer to zero and press the timer's 'Start' button.

Game Play

  • Push button 1 to rock the ball across the tilting walkway. At the end of the walkway, push the button down gently to place the ball on the end platform.

  • Gently turn dial 2 and the swinging crane will carry the ball to the parallel bars.

  • Slide lever 3 up and down to manoeuvre the ball across the parallel bars.

  • Move the balance lever 4 in a circular motion to wobble the ball across the table maze and onto the end ramp.

  • Hit button 5 to bounce the ball up each level and finally through the vertical hoop and onto the blind maze.

  • Turn lever 6 in a circular motion and weave your ball through the blind maze.

  • Gently turn dial 2 and deposit your ball in position for the catapult.

  • Hit button 7 and catapult your ball onto the bell to complete the game.

End of the Game

Turn off the timer as soon as the bell rings and record your winning time.

You can play against yourself and try to improve on your best finishing time, or play against a friend to see who records the fastest time.

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