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  • 8 clipboards
  • dry erase markers
  • 240 cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Points are awarded for the most terrible drawings and ridiculous guesses. The first player to score two more points than the number of people playing is the winner. For example, if there are six players, the winner must score eight points.


Round up four to eight friends and place the Score Card in the middle. Give each player a clip, a board (attach these together) and a pen.

Game Play

Now you're ready. Don't forget the number on the back of your board.

  1. Before you all take a Scenario Card and start drawing, pick which color to play. Choose from black, white, pink or yellow scenarios. Now grab a card and get ready to draw. (Remember, keep your card secret). In this example we're playing white.

  2. On the blank side of your board, start scrawling the best illustration of your Scenario that the world has ever seen. There's only one rule: no words allowed.

  3. Everyone pass their clipboard to the player on their left.

  4. Admire the new drawing in front of you. Grab a blank Scrawl Card, clip it over the illustration and write down a description of what you are looking at. Again, everyone pass their clipboard to the left.

  5. Take a look at the description your friend just handed you. Clip a fresh Scrawl Card over it and let out your inner Picasso. Pass to the left.

  6. Continue the pattern of drawing, describing and passing until your original clipboard returns to you.

  7. Take it in turns to reveal the surreal journey your original phrase went on by laying out your Scrawl Cards in order. Begin by showing everyone your original Scenario Card, then the first doodle and so on.

  8. Once a player has laid out all the cards from their clipboard, they pick their favorite doodle or guess and award a point to the player responsible. Give them a mark on the Score card.

  9. In the very unlikely event that your original Scenario Card matches the final Scrawl Card in your clipboard, feel free to break into applause. You (the owner of the clipboard) win an automatic three points!

  10. Wipe down all the Scrawl Cards, grab a new Scenario Card and start again. The game ends once a player collects two more points than the number of people playing (or if there's a fire).

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