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Each player gets 3 Bonus Action tiles to start the game. These tiles are kept behind the player screens.

They may be played on the player's turn to take advantage of the tile's benefit, and are discarded when played. Players should discard the tiles face up in front of their own player screen so that everyone will be aware of which tiles have been used.

A player may use multiple tiles on a turn if desired. Any tile still held at the end of the game is worth 4 points to the player. (Points are shown on the tile backs).

Play during your turn in the Planting phase to plant a second pepper of your choice, following the normal planting rules. (Count the first pepper as an already-planted plot).

If the first pepper earned you an Award plaque, then this second pepper is not eligible to earn you an Award plaque even if it would normally qualify. (You may only earn one plaque per round). It is permitted to refuse a plaque from the first pepper in order to claim a plaque from the second one.

Play during your turn in the Harvesting phase to move a fourth step after you have already reached your limit of three steps. All normal movement and cross- breeding rules apply to this fourth step.

Theoretically this could allow you to loop all the way around a plot and end up back where you started. You don't break the "no backtracking" rule because you never actually retrace your own path.

Play during your turn in the Harvesting phase. This ability permits your farmer to turn around once on this turn.

To be clear, this does not add any steps to your turn; it just allows your farmer to turn around once only, and thus move over portions of path already traveled this turn.

Remember that you are may freely pivot your farmer to face whatever direction you want at the start of your turn.

Example: Greg starts where shown and moves two steps. Since he is facing to the left, his next move would normally take him to any of the three spots marked with red dots.

If he played the Double Back Once tile, he could pivot to face the opposite direction, and his next move would take him to any of the spots marked with green circles.

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