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Magic Points:

When performing the action: 1st SUMMON CREATURES , the player has two additional magic points at their disposal. These are added to any magic points from played cards. Even if the player does not play any cards at all, they may use these two magic points to summon creatures.

Maximum Hand Size:

The player's maximum hand size is increased to 6 cards. When refilling their hand, the player draws up to 6 cards instead of 4.


Once only during their turn, the player may:

  • Swap one of their gems for one ore from the general supply
  • Swap of their ore for one gem from the general supply except for a white one.

Wild Gem:

The player must place one gems from the general supply - not a wild gem - on this rune stone in order to activate its ability. It is up to the player to decide when they do this.

Once placed, the gem stays in place and cannot be removed for the rest of the game. Once placed, all that player's gems of that color are considered wild gems for the rest of the game.

Note: This gem is not counted towards the end game scoring.

Note: The three above mentioned abilities can be used immediately after acquiring the rune stone.


When performing the action: UTILIZE ABILITIES , the player may use both actions of cards with optional abilities instead of only one.

Double Die Action:

When playing cards that allow one to roll the die while performing the action: UTILIZE ABILITIES , the player rolls the die once and then does the resulting action twice. They may decide to forfeit one or both actions.

Note: The die roll gained by forging an artifact cannot be doubled.

Extra Power Point:

When playing cards that give power points while performing the action: 2nd UTILIZE ABILITIES , the player gains 1 extra power point for each such card.

Note: Power points gained by forging an artifact are not increased this way.

Utilize 3 Abilities:

When performing the action: 2nd UTILIZE ABILITIES , the player may choose to play 3 cards instead of 2, using the abilities in any order they like.

If they do this, the lower card is placed in their discard pile, and two highest numbered cards are removed from the game or placed on the general discard pile, depending on each card's type.

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