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It's a race to see who will get to 5 points first! Be the first player to fill in your board to score 2 points. Or strategically close out high value sets on the board to collect the most chips from other players to score 1 point.

With a little strategy, and the luck of the dice, you will be rolling in points and win the game.


  • 5 Game Boards
  • 75 Game Board Markers
  • 75 Chips
  • 6 Custom Dice
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Roll sets of numbers to fill in your Game Board and collect chips from other players to score points. First player to score 5 points after multiple rounds wins the game!


Each player takes the following: 1 Game Board, 15 matching color board Markers, 10 purple chips (worth 5 each) and 5 white chips (worth 1 each).

Markers are set to the side of the board so that each Game Board begins empty.

Game Play

Each player rolls a die. High roller takes the first turn, and play proceeds clockwise. Each turn has two phases: Roll the Dice and Apply the Roll.

You will need to roll sets of like numbered dice to be able fill in your Game Board - one 1, two 2's, three 3's, four 4's and five 5's.

1. Roll the Dice

On your turn, you may roll the dice up to three times to get matching sets of numbers. You must roll all six dice on your first roll. After both the first and second rolls, you choose which dice to set aside (or save) and which ones to re-roll.

Once you are happy with your dice selection, you can stop rolling, even before your third roll. After the third roll, the dice are set. It's time to Apply the Roll (next section).

Special Dice Faces...

STARS are wild. These replace the 6 on the purple dice. Set them aside, as they can be any value in the Apply the Roll phase. You can wait to declare a STAR's value until applying your dice.

A ZAP cancels any roll! This replaces the 6 on the black die. Dice rolled at the same time you roll a ZAP cannot be saved, but dice set aside from previous rolls are unaffected.

A roll that includes a ZAP still counts as one of your three chances to roll dice for your turn. If you roll a ZAP on your third roll, only previously saved dice can be applied.

2. Apply the Roll

When you have finished rolling, choose how to apply your dice to either fill in your Game Board or Collect chips from other players.

You fill in empty sections on your Game Board in two steps - first by placing a marker in the the middle section of your board to OPEN and then by placing a marker in the bottom section to CLOSE. Once a section is closed, you can start COLLECTING chips. Here's how it works:


You first need to open a section. Use the dice from your rolls that match the numbers shown in the columns of your Game Board-one 1, two 2's, three 3's, four 4's and five 5's.

Place the matching sized Marker in that section to indicate that you have completed the set requirement and the section is OPEN.

Example: After rolling for your first turn, you have saved...

You now apply your dice roll - this time opening your 1s and 3s sections, by using the 1, and the two 3s with the STAR (as a 3) from your six dice.

Place the matching markers on the 1s and 3s middle sections of your Game Board to indicate that you have OPENED those sections.

Because you did not roll enough 4s or 5s, you can not apply these dice for this turn.


After a section is OPENED, you need to CLOSE it. A single die of the matching set number allows you to place a Marker in the lower section on your Game Board.

This CLOSES that number section. You can OPEN and CLOSE a number section all in one turn.

Example: On your next turn, you have saved...

You apply the single 1 and 3 to close the Is and 3s sections you OPENED last turn. You apply the three 2s to both OPEN and CLOSE the 2s section on your Game Card. The single 4 cannot be applied.


After closing a section, use dice matching the value of a closed section to collect chips from each other player that has NOT closed that section. Each die is worth its face value in chips.

For example, if you have 3s opened and closed, each 3 (or STAR used as a 3) rolled can be used to collect three chips from any player that has not closed their 3s section.

Example: On your third turn, you have saved...

Because you closed your 3s last turn, use the 3 to collect 3 chips from all players that have not closed their 3s.

Now, you could apply the three 4s and the STAR to open your 4s section, OR... count the STAR as another 3 to collect more chips from other players and disregard the 4s and 5.

You do not need all sections filled before you start collecting, and can fill sections and collect chips in the same turn. If a player loses all his or her chips they are not out, but can no longer collect chips from other players.

Note: If a player with no chips is the first to complete his or her game board, he or she only scores 1 point instead of 2. The player with the most chips still scores 1 point.

After you Roll the Dice and Apply the Roll for a turn, pass the dice clockwise. Ihe next player then takes his or her turn.

End of the Round

Play continues in this manner until one player closes all the sections on their

Game Board. This ends the round, and it's time to score points. There are 3 possible points awarded each round.

  • The player that completed all sections of his or her Game Board scores 2 points

  • The player with the highest total chip value scores 1 point

Use the circle markers to track points on the top of the Game Boards. It is possible for one player to score all 3 points for a round, by completing the Game Board and having the most chips!

Play continues with a new round. Remove the OPEN and CLOSE markers from each Game Board - leaving the points that were scored in the top row of your card.

Redistribute the chips giving each player 10 purple and 5 white chips.

Players now try to open and close their sections and collect chips again. The starting player is the player to the RIGHT (counter clockwise) of who went first in the last round.

End of the Game

The first player to score 5 points wins!

If more than one player scores 5 points at the same time, the player with the higher chip value wins!

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