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Game Components

  • Rules
  • 30 Roll For It! cards
  • 24 dice (6 dice in 4 colors)


Each player chooses all six dice of one color.

Shuffle the Roll For It! cards and place the deck face down in the center of the table.

Deal three cards face up. If you're playing with two decks and 5+ players, deal four instead.

All players roll two dice; the highest total goes first.

Tutorial Video

Game Play

Players take turns rolling their dice.

On your turn:

  1. Roll for it! Roll your dice once per turn. The number of dice available for you to roll will change during the game, so you'll want to take great care in managing them as play progresses.

  2. Match it! Match the results of your roll with the dice images shown on the face-up Roll For It! cards, ignoring results that don't match any images. You can spread your dice out among the cards, but each die can be matched to only a single image on any one card. Place a die next to a matched card, not on it.

    Because all players are going after the same cards, multiple dice colors can be matched with a single card. Once a die is placed, it cannot be moved to another card. You may choose not to place a matching die or dice during your turn.

  3. Score it! You score a Roll For It! card as soon as you've matched all of its die images with dice of your own color; you cannot use other players' dice to score a card.

    A card is worth points equal to the number printed at the bottom. Place the scored card in front of you, creating a staggered score pile with points visible to all players.

    All dice on a scored card are returned to their owners and can be used on the owner's next turn. Immediately flip a new card from the deck to replace the scored card.

    If you still have rolled dice available to match from this turn, you may match them with any of the face-up Roll For It! cards, including the one you just flipped.

Ending your turn: After you have rolled, matched, and scored qualified cards, your turn ends and play passes to the person on your left.

Matched dice remain with their cards until the cards are scored or unless you use the special Take Back rule at the beginning of your next turn.

Special Rule-Take Back

At the beginning of a player's turn, before rolling his or her dice, that player may choose to take back ALL of his or her dice from the cards and then roll all six of them. Roll for it!

End of the game

The first player to score 40 or more points wins the game.

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