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Roll & Play is a simple game that will have you and your child laughing and playing together in no time!

Introduce the basics of game play without the pressure of competition, and teach your child about colors, counting, animals and more. Inspire creativity and have lots of fun!


  • 1 Large Plush Cube
  • 48 Cards - 8 in Each Category
  • Instructions & Parent's Guide

Object of the Game

Have fun rolling the cube and acting out instructions shown on the card!

Card Categories

Game Play

  1. Roll the Cube - Either you or your child rolls the cube. Identify together with the color that was rolled.

  2. Pick a Card - Pick a card that corresponds with the color that was rolled.

  3. Act It Out - Have fun acting out the card together!

Everyone Is A Winner In Roll & Play!

Parent's Guide

Congratulations on selecting Roll & Play as your child's first game! Roll & Play is specifically designed for very young children with rules that draw out natural behaviors your child already wants to express.

The most important of these is the desire to be with you; to have your undivided love and attention.

Before age three, children aren't developmentally ready to play most games. Games create structured play patterns with specific outcomes, and to be successful players must "play by the rules".

As any parent can tell you, young children aren't ready to play by somebody else's rules; they're still playing by their own! This is a wonderful stage in your child's development, and we have created Roll & Play to support this creative exploration!

Each time your child rolls the cube, it's a new chance to strut his or her stuff and for you to shine your love right back. It doesn't matter whether he or she gives the "right" answer, the most important thing is that your child becomes engaged, has fun, and feels loved.

The six Roll & Play "Act It Out" categories were carefully chosen to support a range of learning areas appropriate foryoung children, from emotions to gross motor skills. We recommend following our rules the first time you play to expose your child to all the rich learning opportunities the game has to offer.

However, as any toddler will tell you, rules were meant to be broken, and there is nothing wrong with playing by your own rules! That's what makes Roll & Play different... you can adjust the game as needed, allowing your child's abilities and interests to shape the play as you go.

You win when your child's confidence has been boosted, and their sense of wonder and delight has grown. So have fun... you've got our permission to fly!

Learning Benefits

  • Teaching color
  • Gross motor skills of rolling the cube and picking up the cards
  • Reading pictures
  • Reading words
  • Following instructions
  • Different colored cards represent different learning categories:

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