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  • 1 Game Board
  • 64 Rolit Balls
  • Instructions


Slide the 2 halves of the board together (see below). Place the board in the center of the table.

Regardless of the number of players, place 4 Rolit balls (1 of each color) in the center of the board.

Keep the remaining balls within reach of all players. The players' colors are determined by the color on the board closest to where they are sitting.

Game Play

To decide who goes first, roll a Rolit ball as if it was a die. The player whose color is shown goes first.

The game proceeds clockwise following the order of the colors, as shown on the board sides.

A player's turn is divided into 2 phases:

  1. Placing a ball
  2. Turning opponents' balls (if possible)

Note: To be allowed to place a new ball, it must trap 1 or more opponents' balls.

A newly placed ball is considered the starting point. Check all 8 directions initiated from that point and roll over all trapped balls in order to reveal your color (Fig. red ball becomes green).

In each direction from your starting point, you can roll over balls until you meet the first ball of your color.

If you're lucky, you can turn up to 8 lines from your starting point (Yellow plays and returns 5 lines).

In any case, you can ONLY roll over the balls that you trap with the ball you have just played.

Feeling Stuck

If there is no ball of your color left on the board and/or you are unable to roll over your opponent's balls, you are not necessarily out of the game.

In this particular case, you can place a new ball anywhere on the board, but in contact with a ball already played. This way you can turn the situation to your advantage by playing on a strategic spot.

End of the Game

The game ends when all 64 board spaces are filled. The winner is the player with the most balls of their color on the board.


  • When placing a ball, you must place it so that it is next to another ball.

  • Balls can be captured horizontally, vertically and diagonally - or in multiple directions at once!

  • It is important to be strategic to capture the most balls in one turn.

The strongest tactical positions on the board.

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