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You Snooze, You Loose

The last person to submit a response cannot be chosen as the winner that round. We DON'T recommend playing this with less than 6 players, new players, or players who have trouble thinking under pressure.

Revenge of the Teams

If you have more than 8 players or if you have a couple people who have a hard time coming up with answers, this variant may work for you. You can form everyone into teams or even have a mix of teams and single players.

Each team is considered to be a single player and cards are dealt to the team. So if you had 2 teams and 3 single players you would deal out cards as if it was a 5 player game. Choose One player on each team should be chosen as team leader.

Each time the team becomes the Judge, the team leader should alternate to a different team member. If the team is split in choosing a Prompt to read or what response should win the team leader makes the decision.

Revenge of the Points

In this variant the judge will award the card as normal to the winning response and it is now worth 2 points. the judge will also award 3 more points divided among any responses they wish even giving more or possible all to the original winning response.

In games of 7 or less players, you can Use a spare whiteboard to keep track of the extra points. In 8 player games use paper and pencil or a scoring app.

At the end of the game, add the points given out with 2 points for each card a player has and the player with the most points is the winner. If there is a tie the tie breaker goes to the player with the most cards, then if there is still a tie go to the tie-breaker round.

Revenge of the Captions

This variant requires the picture cards from another game like, big picture apples to apples, Hashtagit or what do you meme.

Each player once per game instead of reading a prompt from a card, may choose to start a "caption this" round. They will take five picture cards and select one for all the other players to write a caption for.

They then choose the caption they like the best and award one of the cards they were dealt during set-up phase to the winning player.

For a family friendly game we recommend using big picture Apple To Apples, For a more adult game we recommend using Hashtagit.

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