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  • 400 Punch Line Cards
  • 100 Setup Cards
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Become a comedian by playing Punch Line cards to A make the funniest scenarios or phrases, and be the first player to five points!


Set out the Setup Cards (red) face down in a pile. Deal seven Punch Line Cards (yellow) to each player, and place the rest face down, in a separate pile from the Setup Cards.

Now prepare yourself for some crazy family humor!

Game Play

  • The brilliant, funny and talented guy or gal who owns the game goes first!

  • Take a Setup Card from the top of the pile and read it aloud to the other players.

  • All other players look through their hand of Punch Line Cards and choose one to complete the phrase from the Setup Card. Give your chosen Punch Line to the reader, face down.

  • Once everyone has handed over a Punch Line Card, the player with the Setup Card should shuffle the Punch Line Cards (so you don't know whose is whose!). Then that player rereads the Setup Card and reads aloud the Punch Line Cards.

  • There will be several pauses filled with laughter, fair warning.

  • Now the reader picks the funniest Punch Line Card. The player who handed over that card now gets to keep the red Setup Card as a point!

  • The used Punch Line Cards go out of play, and players replenish their Punch Line Cards by taking another one from the pile.

  • The player to the left of the reader becomes the new reader, choosing a new Setup Card. And so it goes!

End of the Game

The first comedian to collect five Setup Cards wins!

Game Play Example Round
  • Avery reads the Setup Card, "While walking past my sister's bedroom, I heard her say... "

  • Mary, Scott, Ryan and Julie hand over these Punch Line Cards to finish the phrase: "Hell yeah they're real!" "It's not my fault! It just popped out!" "I think there was weed in the brownies!" "Give him a break, he just got out of jail".

  • Avery chooses "While walking past my sister's bedroom, I heard her say... hell yeah they're real!" as the funniest (after much laughter!).

  • Scott reveals that's the card he played (of course!), so he takes the red Setup card as a point!

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