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  • Game board
  • 3 types of cheese + holders
  • Cash
  • Flush Cards
  • Green Cards
  • Blue Cards
  • Red Cards
  • Purple Cards
  • Yellow Cards
  • Grey Cards
  • Meeples
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The objective of every player in this game is to be the first to collect $1OO Swindle. Once this happens, that player wins, and the game ends.

Building the Sewer

  • Cheese

    There are 3 types of Cheese: Green, Blue, and Red. Place the Cheese holders on the positioning board in the space marked The Cheese Bank.

    Each rat then takes 3 pieces of any Cheese.

  • Cash

    The currency of The Sewer is the Swindle with the symbol $. There are 1, 5 and 10 Swindle notes, which collectively are called The Slush Fund.

    Each rat takes five $1 notes.

  • Cards

    Separate the different cards by looking at their backs. First, give one Flush Card face-up to each rat. Put any spares in a discard pile on the board, called The Cesspit.

    That leaves Scrappy Sewer and Supreme Sewer Cards. Shuffle each deck separately, then place them face-down in the space on the board marked The Rat Pack, with the Scrappy Sewer Cards on top.

    Finally, turn over the top 3 cards from The Rat Pack and place them face-up in the spaces on the board marked The Open Sewer.

Game Play

This is a rat race! The first rat to get $100 wins the game. Since you're reading the rules, you get to start first!

In a clockwise direction, each rat takes their turn following these steps:

Step 1: Collect Income

Income is the sum of all values in this white ring. Take that value in Swindles ($) from The Slush Fund. The Flush Card gives you a base Income of $2, with Green Cards increasing this value.

Step 2: Buy And/or Use Cards

  • Buying Cards: Vou may only buy Open Sewer Cards. To do so, pay the cost of that Card to The Slush Fund, then keep the Card face-up in front of you.

    The cost of each Card is in the bottom-right corner. When a Card is bought from The Open Sewer, immediately replace it with the top Card of The Rat Pack.

    You may buy newly-replaced Open Sewer Cards on the same turn as well.

  • Use Cards: Red Cards, Blue Cards, Grey Cards, Bonus Bonanza and your Flush Card can be used. To use a Card, carry out its effect, then place it in The Cesspit.

    You may use Cards on the same turn you bought them or save them for future use.

Step 3: Buy Cheese

You end your turn by buying up to 3 pieces of Cheese, of any color. Each piece of Cheese costs $1, paid to The Slush Fund.

Types of Cards

  • Flush Cards are starter cards; each rat begins the game with one. It gives you a base Income of $2 per turn. You may dump the card to Flush The Sewer.

    This lets you take one Open Sewer Card and sends the rest to The Cesspit. After doing so, however, you no longer enjoy the $2 Income the card gives, so use it wisely.

  • Green Cards affect Income. Most Green Cards increase your Income, while the Bonus Bonanza Card is an active card that lets you collect your Income an additional time on the same turn.

    Green Cards are bought with Green Cheese.

  • Blue Cards are Pipes! When you sell them, square the number of pipes sold, then take that amount in $ from The Slush Fund.

    For example, if you sold 5 Pipes, you collect $25 from The Slush Fund.

    Sold Pipes go to The Cesspit. Blue Cards are bought with Blue Cheese.

  • Red Cards are Opportunities. They are one-off actions and are sent to The Cesspit after use. Red Cards are bought with Red Cheese.

  • Purple Cards are Careers, which grant you a unique, lasting benefit. Each Purple Card costs 3 Cheese.

  • Yellow Cards are Events. When a Yellow Card turns face-up in The Open Sewer, it affects ALL rats immediately, before being sent to The Cesspit and replaced by the top Card of The Rat Pack.

  • Grey Cards are Bundles. Buy these for $5, not Cheese.

    They let you bundle stuff together for fast, $25 sales. Dump the bundle of cards in The Cesspit.


Cheesy Crooks

If a rat owns the 'Red Ruffian', 'Green Gangster' or 'Blue Boss' Cards, give them the respective figurine(s) to show other rats who to pay their Swindle to.

The Big Cheese

The rat with the most Swindle at the end of each round is crowned The Big Cheese and is given the Golden Rat meeple. The Big Cheese receives +2 Income each round.

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