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  • 4 Drawing Tablets
  • 4 Dry-Erase Markers
  • Sand Timer
  • 36 Shape Cards
  • 24 Bonus Rule Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the player with the most points after four rounds of play.


Give each player a Drawing Tablet, a Dry-Erase Marker, and a set of 9 Shape Cards. Each set of Shape Cards has its own unique border color.

Get paper towels or tissues (not included) to wipe off drawings after each round. Set the 24 Bonus Rule Cards aside for now. They won't be used in the

Beginner Version

Game Play

The youngest player goes first. Play continues clockwise.

On your turn, pick one of the Shape Cards for everyone to use in that round.

In this example, the player chose the Circle Shape Card. Everyone finds their Circle Shape Card and inserts it under the clear sheet of their Drawing Tablet, face up in any direction.

Important: DO NOT draw on the Shape Card. Only draw on the cleat sheet of your Drawing Tablet!

The player who chooses the Shape Card says, "Ready, set, go" and turns over the sand timer to start the round.

When the timer starts, everyone doodles pictures on their Drawing Tablet using the Circle Shape as part of their drawing. Hurry, because you only have ONE MINUTE to draw four different doodles!

When the timer stops, the player who's turn it is, yells, "Time's up!" and everyone puts down their markers.

Advanced Version

Game Play

For a more challenging game, you can play with the Bonus Rule Cards. Bonus Rule Cards determine which shape you'll play, and add a Bonus Rule for that round. Also included are special cards that allow you to score double points or replay a round to see what happens the second time!

  1. Shuffle the 24 Bonus Rule Cards and place them face down in the center of the play area to form a Draw Pile.

  2. On your turn, turn over the top card from the Bonus Rule draw pile and place it on the table for all players to see.

  3. All players will play the Shape Card that matches the shape on the Bonus Rule Card.

  4. Play continues as in the Beginner version, with each player drawing a new Bonus Rule Card on their turn.

  5. Each player gets 2 points for every UNIQUE doodle (subject) they've drawn that follows the Bonus Rule. They get 1 point for every UNIQUE doodle (subject) that does not follow the Bonus Rule.

  6. If you draw a "Double Points" or "Memory Rewind" card, follow the directions on the card for that round.

Bonus Rule Cards


Beginning with the player who's turn it is, each player explains their doodles to the rest of the players. Each player gets 1 point for every UNIQUE doodle (subject) they've drawn. If you've drawn the same doodle (subject) as another player, NEITHER PLAYER scores.

In this example, both players have doodled a face. NEITHER PLAYER gets a point for this doodle. Cross out the doodles that don't score. Record your points for each round at the top of your Drawing Tablet.

Continuing Play

Play continues with the next player to the left, who chooses a new Shape Card. Each player inserts a new shape into their Drawing Tablet, based on this card.

End of the Game

After four rounds of play, players add up their scores. The player with the most points wins!

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