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  • 10 rabbit dice
  • 4 fences with stands
  • 1 action die
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Work together as a team to wrangle the rabbits and then fence them in before they escape.

The more rabbits you fence in, the more points you score.

Wrangle as many rabbits as you can over three rounds and you might make it to the rank of Bunny Genius!


Note: This game plays best on a hard flat table or non-carpeted floor.

Place each fence in a stand and then arrange all four fences in the center of the playing area so that the corners touch to form a square.

Place the action die (the one with fences one it) within easy reach.

Take a look at the 10 rabbit dice and note that each has three icons:

One player should gather all of the rabbit dice in their hands and then drop them straight down at once inside the fenced area from about six inches above. This may knock over some fences and dice will scatter in all directions.

  • Any die that lands on the side is removed from play and placed off to the side. (Any die that goes off the table is also considered hiding).

  • Any fence that goes off the table should be placed back on the table near the edge where it fell off.

  • Any die that landed on or under a fence can be moved to a clear space near that fence, same side facing up.

Game Play

A game of Ranglin' Rabbits plays out over three rounds. Whoever last held a bunny goes first and play continues to the left. (Remember, this is a team game: you're all working together!) On your turn, roll the action die and then take one of the following actions, depending on the side it lands on:

Wrangle a sleeping or active rabbit. Look around the playing area and note the positions of all the sleeping and active rabbits. Then choose one to wrangle.

If you choose to wrangle a sleeping rabbit, simply pick up the die and move it anywhere you want on the playing surface. (Hint: near a fence!) However, moving a sleeping bunny wakes it up, so place it down with its active side facing up.

If you choose to wrangle an active rabbit, you must either roll it or flick it from the spot where it started.

Be careful! Any time you roll or flick a die and it lands on the hiding side, that rabbit escapes! Immediately remove it from play and place it with the other hiding rabbits.

Bonus Fence Action

After you wrangle a rabbit, you may pick up and/or move a fence. Think carefully and strategize with your teammates as to where to place it. Keep in mind, the goal is to get all four fences back in a square around as many rabbits as possible.

Note: If you roll a fence on the action die when there are already three fences in place and there are no more rabbits left outside to wrangle, this will immediately end the round.

Lure back a hiding rabbit with a carrot! Take one of the dice that's out of play and roll it back into the playing area. (If it lands on the hiding icon, it is once again removed from play). This ends your turn. Note: If there are no hiding bunnies, your turn simply ends.

Bunny Bounce! Oh no, you've scared the active rabbits and now they are about to bolt again! Take all of the dice that show an active rabbit side and pick each one up about 6" straight above its current spot on the playing area and then drop it in place.

This die will now bounce to a new location. (Remember, any die that lands on the hiding icon is immediately removed from play). This ends your turn. Note: If there are no active rabbits, your turn simply ends.

End of the Round

Keep taking turns until one of the following happens:

  1. All the bunnies escape. If all 10 dice end on the hiding icon, the round immediately ends. Your team scores 0 points. Better luck next round!

  2. You close all four fences. A round also ends once you put all four fences back in a square. This can either happen because you decide as a team to close them or because a player rolls a fence on the action die when there are already three fences in place and no more rabbits left outside to wrangle.

Note: the fences must surround the rabbits and be close enough that the dice cannot fit through the gaps.

Roll for Bonus Bunnies

Whoever closed the last fence (or last rolled the action die) gets one more chance to wrangle all of the vanished rabbits! Pick up all of the "hiding" dice and - one at a time - roll each one.

If it lands on a sleeping or active rabbit, add it to the fenced in rabbits and continue rolling until one lands on a hiding side. This ends the bonus round.

Count up the number of active and sleeping bunnies that you wrangled (including any bonus bunnies) and note your total. Then set up for a new round, which plays out just like the previous one.

End of the Game

The game ends after three rounds of play. Total up your score for the three rounds and look up your rank:

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