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  • 9 Category Cubes (54 Categories)
  • 25 Chips
  • Electronic Timer/Letter Generator (21 Letters)
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Think fast to name something in one of the categories and grab that cube, avoiding collecting Chips if the random timer stops on your turn!


Place the Timer/Letter Generator in the center of the play area. Put 20 Chips in a pile so everyone can reach them. You may use fewer if you want shorter game time.

Everybody grab some of the cubes and get ready to roll 'em!

Game Play

  • Everyone rolls the cubes onto the playing area!

  • Someone hits the button on top of the Timer/Letter Generator-this starts the timer and displays a letter!

  • The youngest player goes first, naming something in one of the categories shown on a cube, and it must start with the letter displayed.

  • For example, if you see the category "Gross Things" and the letter displayed is "T", you could say, "tarantulas!" on your turn!

  • When you name something, grab that cube. The person to the left goes next, and so on.

  • Play until the timer stops or all cubes have been grabbed! NOTE: The timer is random and could stop any time between 30 and 45 never know! Just hurry because you don't want it to stop during your turn!

  • If the timer stops during your turn, the round ends and you must take a Chip (you don't WANT Chips.. .the goal is to be the player with the LEAST Chips!).

  • If all of the cubes are grabbed before time is up, the last player to grab a cube gets to give one of their Chips to any player they choose! That player then gets to start the next round.

  • Everyone pick up some cubes and roll them again, and press the Timer/Letter Generator button again to get a new letter and start the timer. The player who got a Chip in the previous round starts this new round.

  • Keep playing until the pile of Chips is gone!

End of the Game

When the Chip pile is gone, count the Chips you have. The player with the least wins! In the event of a tie, those players who tied play another round to determine the winner!

Caution: Do not roll cubes and play on fine wood surfaces. It may cause damage to the surface.

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