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What Can A Ship Do On A Turn

Each turn an individual ship die can move (or move/attack) once. In addition, each ship can use its special ability once per turn.

What If A Ship Changes Number? Can It Use Its New Ability

Yes, but only if it hasn't yet used a special ability that turn. An individual ship die can only use a special ability once per turn, even if it changes number.

Can I Use A Ship Ability At Any Time

You can only use an ability on your turn and only with ships that are on the map. Also, you can't use a ship ability in the middle of a move or move/attack. For example, you can't move a frigate into attack position and then modify it down to die of 3 at the end of your move, right before you roll for your attack.

Is There Some Order On My Turn For Taking Actions And Using Abilities

No. You can take your three actions and activate ship abilities in any order, mixing and matching them.

Does My Turn End Immediately When I Finish My 3rd Action

Not necessarily. You can still use ship special abilities and advance card powers after your take your third action.

If A Ship Attacks And Loses, Is It Destroyed

No. An attacker is not destroyed if the attack fails. It just means that the attacker's weapons were repelled.

Does The Attacker Lose Dominance If An Attack Fails

No. Dominance only changes if a ship is destroyed through an attack.

Are Quantum Cubes Ever Removed From The Map After They Are Placed On A Planet

No. Once a quantum cube is placed on a planet from your command sheet, it is on the map for the rest of the game. There is one gambit card - RELOCATION - that can move an opponent's cube to a different planet.

The Flagship's Transport Ability And The Interceptor's Maneuver Ability Both Happen As I Move - Right

That's correct. These two powers take place as part of your move action. So if your interceptor moves and uses maneuver to travel diagonally, you have used up the interceptor's move and its special ability for that turn. (And you used up an action).

Advance Cards

When Do I Get My Advance Cards

During the advance card phase of your turn - after you have completed all of your actions for the turn.

A Lot Of The Cards Break The Normal Game Rules. Which Rule Takes Precedence?

The cards always take precedence. For example, a ship can normally move only once per turn, but some cards break that rule and let ships move more than once during a turn.

If An Advance Cards Says "once Per Turn" Does That Mean Once On My Turn Only?

Yes. It does NOT mean once on each player's turn. You cannot use a "once per turn" power on another player's turn.

Some Of The Card Powers Are Listed As "free Actions" Or "use An Action". How Does That Work?

A "free action" means the use of the card power does not use up one of your three actions on a turn. If it "uses an action" it means the card power uses up one of your three actions. Gambit cards take effect immediately and never use up actions.

When Do My New Cards Take Effect?

Gambit cards always take effect as soon as you choose them. Command cards take effect starting on the NEXT turn. New cards with a "passive" ability start to work on the next player's turn. New command cards with an "active" ability (most of them) can be used on your next turn.

If A Card Gives Me Extra Moves Or Special Ability Uses, How Does It Work For The Flagship And Interceptor

If a card power lets a flagship or Interceptor move a second time, you don't get to use the ships's special ability a second time. Similarly, if a special card power lets you use a ship's ability a second time, you can't use the flagship's transport or the interceptor's maneuver again unless you also have a power that lets you move the ship twice.

A History Of The Future

1952: Cracking The Code Of Reality.

In the dark days of the cold war, a secret team of theoretical physicists and experimental poets hack time and space to create the Six-Dimensional Quantum. Displacer - or Quantum D6 - a machine that projects all future possibilities and selects one to become reality. The highly improbable becomes the possible. Water into wine; matter into nothingness; life into death. The Quantum D6: unthinkably powerful and dangerously unpredictable.

1984: A Planet - Shattering War.

To bend the future, the Quantum D6 demanded inconceivable amounts of energy. Global fuel was limited; war was inevitable. As they battled each other, earth's superpowers split the planet asunder to drain the last breath of life from the core. Survivors fled the shattered world, climbing aboard gleaming rocketships propelled by quantum probability, headed for the stars.

2023: The Factions Collide

A grand Stellar Council of the four factions of humanity was called: the ruthless Kepler Imperium, the heroic Orion Republic, the scavenging Vulpes Alliance, and the scientific Andromeda Confederacy.

But a smuggled quantum device obliterated the diplomats from existence and eliminated any chances for peace.

Date Unknown: The Quantum Wars.

Now we stalk the stars in armadas of rocketships: tribes of humanity, armies of faith in thrall to the quantum. Quantum drives hurl our ships to new sectors, transform their hulls in the blink of an eye, and rend our enemies asunder. To survive and fight another day, we build quantum cubes - massive constructions that rip the energy from planets to feed the hunger of the Quantum D6. What is victory?

What Is Defeat?

Existence is a die thrown by blind human hands - only the gods glimpse its final outcome.

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