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Have you ever wondered if a friend has had sex at work? Or if someone sitting next to you is going commando? Or who sleeps in the buff? If so, this is the game for you.

In the adult party game Privacy, players will secretly answer Yes or No to provocative questions, then guess how many of the players they think answered "YES". With all answers cast by secret ballot, your clandestine activities will stay on the DL.

So have a little honest fun with Privacy-the game where you may find out everything you wanted to know, but never had the balls to ask.


  • 100 Question Cards
  • 1 Ballot Box
  • 144 Answer Chips
  • 1 Game Board
  • 10 Voting Dials
  • 10 Wood Movers


  1. Place the game board in the center of the table.

  2. Each player takes a voting dial and the color-matching wood mover. Place the mover on the start space on the game board.

  3. Each player takes a few answer chips. The number of Yes and No chips does not matter. Having an uneven amount of Yes and No chips will help to keep answers an Place them face-down in front of you.

  4. Shuffle question cards and place the deck face-down (number-side up) next to the game board.

Game Play

The game is played in rounds following the 5 steps below. The player with the best Star name starts and the game continues to the left after each round.

Your star name is the name of your first pet, followed by the street you grew up on.

  1. The Question

    (aka: "I have to answer what?")

    Draw the top question card from the deck. The number showing on the top card of the draw deck indicates which of the 4 questions the player will read out loud.

    Note: If there is a flame symbol instead of a number on the top of the draw deck, the player chooses which of the four questions they think is the hottest to read.

    After reading the question, place the card face-up on the discard pile.

  2. The Answer

    (aka: "Are you sure nobody will know I said yes?")

    The player reading the question takes the ballot box first and answers the question by submitting a "Yes" or "No" chip into the box. Then pass the box to the left until all players have submitted their Yes or No chip answer.

    Note: Use discretion when submitting the answer chips so nobody sees your answer. Do not open the box in the submittal phase.

  3. The Guess

    (aka: "I think my friends are awesome/awful people!")

    Each player now guesses how many players will answer the question with a "Yes". Players secretly adjust their voting dials to reflect their guess and place the dial face-down in front of them.

  4. The Results

    (aka: "Don't look at me I would never do that!''. " wink, wink).

    The active player empties the box and counts the "Yes" answers.

  5. The Scores

    (aka: "Whew, I am not the only one who has done that!").

    Ask "Did anyone guess the number of "Yes" answers exactly?" Players that guessed correctly reveal their dials and move their marker two spaces on the game board.

    Then, players that are one number off reveal their dials and move one space. If you do not score points, you do not need to reveal your tracker!

    Example: The green player guessed 6, therefore does not have to reveal.

  6. Reset the Round

    After the scoring, flip all answer chips face-down to start a pool. If you run low on a specific type of answer chip, draw a handful from the pool.

    Since everyone starts with a random number of "Yes" and "No" answer chips, this can happen even after the first round.

    Pass the ballot box to the player to the left to start the next round.

End of the Game

The game ends when a player passes 20 points.

If multiple players pass 20 points at the same time, the player that has the most points wins the game. If there is a tie, keep answering questions until there is a definitive winner or until the sun comes up, whichever happens first.

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