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Navigate between the islands and round the buoys. Don't crash and finish fast!


  • 6 lake tiles
  • 4 lake border tiles
  • 1 start/finish tile
  • 5 buoys
  • 6 speedboats
  • 6 score markers
  • Instructions


Connect the 4 long puzzle tiles to form the lake border and randomly fit the 6 lake tiles inside this frame. Use the sides with the dark blue water. Experienced players can choose to play on the light blue backside.

Each player gets the speedboat in the color on their side of the board. -Place the corresponding score markers on "0" on the score track. -Roll dice to determine the start player.

Place the stock of dice near the board. Place the damage counters on the biggest island. (There are enough dice and damage counters, otherwise, be inventive).

Building a Course

Players try to reach the highest points total over 3 races. To build the first course use the four A-spots (in water and on land). For the second course, you use the B-spots, for the third course the C-spots.

Place buoy 0, 1, 2 and 3 randomly on these four places. Place the start/finish tile at the side where you see the character under the start (0) buoy. Place the finish buoy at the other end of the start/finish tile.

Buoy 1, 2 and 3 have two sides: leftward or rightward arrows. Place these arrows so that boats don't have to turn a complete circle around one buoy when rounding buoy 1, 2 and 3 in order.

Finally let the start and finish buoys arrows show in which direction boats pass the start tile and in which direction they finish. Choose the easiest start and finish directions.

Here a course is built. The arrows show the route around buoy 1 first, then buoy 2, then buoy 3 and finally to Finish.

Buoy 1, 2 and 3 are placed so that the buoy arrows don't make boats travel in a complete circle around one buoy.

In other words: When you go towards the next buoy, you don't have to cross your old path from the former buoy

To round a buoy you don't have to be close to it. There can be islands (or even other buoys) between your boat and the buoy.

For example, when you round buoy 1 you can go around the islands near the Black or Yellow side of the board.

Choosing Start Positions

The right-hand neighbor of the start player first places their speedboat on or behind the start tile, followed counter-clockwise by all players in turn (so the start player places last).

Two boats cannot share one space. Let the front of your speedboat point towards a side of its space, not towards a corner.

Game Play

First: Rolling Dice

The dice on your color area on the lake quay show your speed. This is zero when you start a race (no dice yet).

  • Number of dice: With each turn, you can add1 die (from the stock) or remove 1 die (to the stock), or you hold your number of dice equal.

  • Re-roll: You can also select which dice on your color area you want to re-roll.

You roll the selected dice, and the added die if you chose one, all at once. Add these rolled dice on your color area (where all dice stay until your next turn).

Second: Turning your Speedboat

Before moving you can turn your boat, 60 degrees to the left or right side. You must choose a direction where you can move by the total of the numbers on your dice.

Your boat must move in a straight line through water spaces. If you will crash on land or a buoy in all 3 directions, then you must take the direction with the longest straight path through water before crashing.

If that is equal in 2 or 3 directions, then you choose one of these directions.

Third: Moving

Move your boat in its direction in a straight line, by the total on your dice. Your boat ends on the last water space it reaches. Now your left-hand neighbor starts their turn.

At the start of Yellow's turn, Yellow has two dice: 3 2. Yellow holds the 3, re-rolls the 2 and rolls a new die. Yellow rolls 1 3.

So now Yellow has 3 1 3 , giving 7 in total.

(The number of dice you re-roll is your choice, but you cannot add or remove more than 1 die before rolling!)


You crash if land or a buoy blocks your boat in any direction, so that you can't use up the complete numbers on your dice. Your boat stays in the far most water space you can reach.

The remainder of your movement total is the number of damage counters you now receive. Your boat loses its speed completely, so you lose all your dice.

Collecting 4 or more damage counters in total means your boat sinks and you are out of the current race.

You can repair your boat for next course, though you hold one damage counter (your boat remains less safe). For players with 1, 2 or 3 damage counters the same applies: you repair for next race but hold one damage counter.

After the second race, the same applies, so you can have 2 damage counters at the start of the third course.

Red has 3 2 2, but wants to slow down. Red holds a 2, removes 1 die and re-rolls the other die, getting a 3.

So now Red has 2 3, giving a total of 5. The longest path for Red is 3 spaces. So Red must turn to the right and crashes on land.

Red receives 2 damage counters (5 [speed] minus 3 [traveled spaces]), and loses both dice.

Next turn Red can start the engines again by rolling 1 die, like at the start of a race, or Red only turns leftward or rightward.

Passing Boats

You can pass through spaces with other boats in them. But if you would end your move in the same space as an opponent, you stay behind the other boat, on the last free space you reach.

End of a Course

To complete a course you must reach or pass the finish tile.

Note: A crash after the finish still damages your boat.

Victory Points

In the first race, the winner gets points equal to the number of players minus 1. The player finishing second gets 1 point less, the third player 2 points less and so on.

So the last player gets no points. Sunken players don't get points unless the crash happened after finishing.

In the second race, all positions bring double as many points and in the third race triple as many points as in the first race.

Example: In case of 5 players you get in race-A: 4, 3, 2, 1 points, in race-B: 8, 6, 4, 2 points and in race-C: 12, 9, 6, 3 points.

Mark the points with the score markers on the score track. If tied scores exist after the final race, then the finishing positions in the last race determine the order.

In each new race the left neighbor of the previous start player will be the new start player.

2-player-game Score / Score Variant

In case of 2 players, or alternatively for more players: Supplementary to these victory points, count how many turns each player finishes before the last finishing player does.

Add this difference on the score track. Finished players get 5 points extra per sunken boat.

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