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Unicorn Tears

Unicorn tears are the purest fluid known in the world of magic. Just use a few drops to catalyze very powerful magical effects.

Collecting unicorn tears is very easy! They are always depressed. Find one, make fun of his horn, and prepare for the shower. Bring a huge barrel.

Dragon Smoke

The toxic fumes exhaled by these dreadful reptiles are often used for their high magical reactivity. Beware, never, ever inhale them!

To obtain a dragon's smoke, poke its nose until it gets really, really angry. Collect the smoke with a flask. Run before he incinerates you.

Ogre Mucus

This extremely viscous substance is used to thicken compounds otherwise too volatile. Always use a mask when you handle it.

Swamp ogres often take a cold. Go to a marsh. Bring a big box of paper tissue. Follow the sneezing. Not recommended for the faint of stomach.

Fairy Dandruff

A very powerful ingredient. Also used by naughty children who refuse to grow up, to kidnap other kids and lead them astray.

Catch a fairy and gently brush its hair with a small comb. Avoid happy thoughts, or you may find yourself smashing through the ceiling in no time.

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