• 2x PIrate Pete
  • 2x Pumps
  • Instructions

Getting Started

Your child will need to place the pirate in the barrel - he/she will need to hold the barrel steady with one hand, position the pirate in the hole, press down and twist.

It will stay in place when it has been inserted correctly.

The aim of the game is to insert as many plastic swords as possible into the barrel before the pirate pops out.

To insert a sword, your child should hold the barrel steady with one hand and push the sword in with the other hand, holding it between his/her finger and thumb.

Your child can switch which hand he/she uses to place the sword in the barrel.

If your child struggles to pick the swords directly off the table with his/her helper hand, he/she can use the dominant hand to pick them up and pass them to the helper side.

Encourage your child to keep trying to pick up the swords directly from the table top.

To encourage reach place some swords further away on the table top.

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