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Roll the dice and make your best slice! A fast and frantic dice game for two!


  • 10 dice
  • 40 slice cards
  • Rulebook


Each player takes five dice. Shuffle the slice cards and deal one card to each player face down.

Place remaining slice cards face down near the playing area. This is the draw pile.

Object of the Game

Roll your dice and race to be the first player to complete a pizza pie of sic slices.

Game Play

Everybody plays at the same time. This is a race!

  1. Players count to three and flip their slice cards at the same time. Now roll all of your dice!

  2. If you roll any dice that match toppings on your slice card then place them on these toppings.

  3. Then, QUICKLY re-roll all of the dice that don't match.

  4. Continue this way until you have placed dice on top of all the matching toppings on your slice card.

  5. Once you complete a slice card, yell "Mama Mia!" Then, remove the dice and place the slice card to the side.

  6. Now, take a new slice card from the draw pile and begin again by rolling and matching!

  7. As you complete slice cards, add them to the pizza pie you are building on the side. Keep going until you complete six slice cards! Roll, match, and re-roll! Roll, match, and re-roll!

End of the Game

The first player to complete six slice cards, which creates a perfect pizza pie, wins!

Expand Your Game!

Add more players by buying more copies of Pizza Party!

Two additional players per copy of Pizza Party!

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