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  • 8 different cars
  • 10 curves
  • 6 straight-aways
  • 16 barriers
  • 1 starting line sticker
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Be the first to complete three laps and win the race.

Game Play

The cars must be moved by flicking. Any finger may be used. The players take turns. If your car flips or goes off the track, you must return your car to its original position.

If your car knocks an opponent's car off the track, you must return both cars to their original position. The next player then takes their turn. The players may, before playing, shift their car by the thickness of one disk if they are too close to a barrier or another car.

Determining Turn Order

Before the race, the players should attempt a qualifying lap to determine turn order.

While alone on the track each player, in turn, should attempt to complete the circuit in the fewest possible turns. Ties are settled by who had the single longest shot.

End of the Game

Whoever completes three laps first wins. Scoring is as follows:

Precision: it is possible for a car by to jump over several circuit portions; this will be allowed only if the jump does not exceed 2 track sections.

The players can setup the track differently each time.


Championship Race

Each Player should be given 2 cars and a number of races equal to the number of players is run, with each of the players being allowed to design a track themselves.

The Chase

This plays best with 2 or by teams. The players place themselves at opposite sides of the circuit. 8 track sections must separate them. To win you must pass your opponent.

If playing teams, you must pass all your opponents to win, and each opponent as they are passed is out of the game.

Demolition Derby

Play as the standard race with the following changes:

  • You are allowed to knock opponents off the track. If you do so, they replace their car to where you took you shot from.

  • If a car is flipped or goes off the track, the shooting player does not lose a turn but returns the car to upright position or places it on the track at the point where it departed.

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