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  • 45 Clothing Cards
  • 30 Long Nose Cards
  • 6 Player Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Catch a player bluffing about his Clothing Cards, so that he's forced to take a Long Nose Card.

But be careful: If the player is telling the truth, you must take a Long Nose Card. The player who has the shortest nose at the end of the game wins!


Each player chooses one of the Player Cards.

Place your Player Card face up in front of you and pile all the Long Nose Cards in the center of the playing area.

Then decide who will be the dealer. The dealer shuffles the Clothing Cards and deals them out equally to each player.

Put any extra Clothing Cards back in the box. Stack your Clothing Cards face down in front of you.

And remember - no peeking!

Game Play

The youngest player goes first, and play continues to the left. There are three actions for each turn:

1. Play a Clothing Card

On your turn, draw the top Clothing Card from your stack. Look at it without letting anyone else see it and place it face down on the center pile of Clothing Cards.

Center pile (played cards)
is face down.

2. Announce a Color & Type of Clothing

You must announce a description of your Clothing Card that matches the previous card announced in either color or type of clothes.

3. Decide Truth or Taradiddle

The other players decide whether you told the truth or a taradiddle about the Clothing Card just played.

If someone says "Taradiddle!" and catches you bluffing, you collect a Long Nose Card. If you told the truth, the player who said "Taradiddle!" collects a Long Nose Card.

Starting a Game

The youngest player takes the top Clothing Card from her stack, looks at it privately, and puts it face down in the middle of the playing area. Then she tells everyone what's on the card. For example, "Blue cap".

Matching Clothing Cards

If you're the next player, draw the top Clothing Card from your pile and peek at it.

If it matches either the color or the type of clothing that's just been announced, place it face down on top of the previous card and tell the truth about what's on your card.

For example, if the card just played is a blue cap, and your top Clothing Card shows a blue shirt (matching the color) or a red cap (matching the type of clothing), you've got a match. So, in this case, you'd say, "Blue shirt" or "Red cap".

A blue cap can match any blue Clothing Card or any colored cap.

If your card doesn't match

If your top card doesn't match either the color or type of clothing of the previous card played, then it's time for a taradiddle - you must try to bluff the other players with a little nonsense!

As you place your card on top of the pile, think of a color/clothing combination that matches and announce it to the group. For example, if a blue cap was just played, and your top Clothing Card shows a red shirt, your card definitely doesn't match in color or type of clothing.

So you must bluff. Place your card face down on top of the center pile and confidently say, "Blue shirt" (or some other item of clothing that matches).

Truth or Taradiddle

Once the color and type of clothing have been announced, each player must decide: is the player telling the truth - or a taradiddle!?

If you think the player's being honest, you say, "Truth!" The Clothing Card stays face down on the center pile, and the game continues with next player to the left.

If you think the player's telling some nonsense, say, "taradiddle!" And call the player's bluff. the first person to call "taradiddle!" turns over the top clothing card, and a long nose card is given out as follows:

  • If the player is caught bluffing, she must take a long nose card and add it to her player card.

  • If the player told the truth, any player who called out "taradiddle" must take a long nose card and add it to his player card.

Nose Note

Slightly overlap your nose cards to make one continuous growing nose on your character.

After someone calls "Taradiddle", turn the top card back over. The player to the left must now match color or type of clothing shown on that card.

End of the Game

When the last Clothing Card has been played, all players count up their Long Nose Cards. The person with the shortest nose wins!

Two-player Game

Follow the rules as described above, taking turns until all your Clothing Cards have been played.

To speed up the game, limit the number of Clothing Cards dealt. (For instance, just deal out 10 Clothing Cards to each player).

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