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There is much ado in the penguin colony. The iceberg shakes with all the commotion. All the penguins want a place on the iceberg, but only those who can keep their balance can avoid the icy water below!

Steady hands and careful planning are needed to balance all your penguins on the slippery iceberg. If you succeed before the other players, you win the game! But if the penguins fall, you must start all over again.


  • 1 Game base
  • 1 Iceberg with flag
  • 20 Penguins
  • 1 Cardboard ring
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Get as many of your penguins on the iceberg as possible. The player who gets rid of all their penguins first wins the game.


Place the game base on the table. To stop the iceberg from shaking too much and to make the game easier for younger players, use the cardboard ring provided.

In the game base, assemble the three cardboard pieces together. Advanced players can play without using the cardboard ring.

Put the red flag on top of the iceberg and then place the iceberg on the game base. Assemble the penguins: front (white), back (black) and head with wings (black). First, put the front and back pieces together

Then, from the front, place the head and wing piece on the figure. The stick from the bowtie and the wing fit together.

Once the penguins are assembled, they cannot be taken apart. Divide the 20 penguins evenly among all players. Any leftover penguins are put aside. Place the iceberg in the middle of the table so all players can easily reach it.

Game Play

The youngest player may begin. On your turn, take one of your penguins and put it anywhere on the iceberg. It does not matter where the penguin is placed. The iceberg can be turned if needed.

The important thing is that the penguin is secure and won't fall.

If the penguin falls, you must take it back. Play continues to your left.

Each player puts only one penguin at a time onto the iceberg. If more than one penguin falls - either while you are placing a penguin or immediately after - then you must take back all the fallen penguins. Your penguin colony is growing!

As the number of penguins on the iceberg grows, it becomes harder to find a good spot to place the existing ones. Sometimes, however, some penguins fall down and the whole game changes.

End of the Game

The first player to put all of their penguins on the iceberg wins the game.

Solo Variant

Try to put all of the penguins on the iceberg. It's a real challenge to balance all 20 of them! How many can you place?

Play a number of rounds and try to improve your total with each game.

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