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  • 1 Pie Thrower
  • 1 Throwing Arm
  • 2 Handles
  • 1 Chin Rest
  • 1 Splash Card Mask
  • 1 Spinner
  • 1 Sponge
  • Rulebook


  1. Insert the mask between the chin rest slot and front retaining clips on the thrower.

  2. Push the chin rest into the slot on the thrower, allowing it to further secure the mask in place. Be careful not to bend the mask.

  3. Gently push the handles into place on both sides of the thrower. Make sure the slots correspond accordingly.

  4. Push the throwing arm into the slot on the triggering mechanism without turning the handles.

  5. Put the thrower on a suitable playing surface.

  6. Set the throwing arm by pressing it down into place.

  7. Assemble the spinner by pushing the plastic arm through the numbered card and snapping it into the plastic backing. Place the spinner nearby.

  8. Load the "hand" with the wet sponge or lots of delicious whipped cream from home!

  9. Grab a pencil and a piece of paper to keep score (not included).

Game Play

The youngest player goes first. Spin the spinner to find out how many times you must turn the handles.

Place your chin on the rest through the mask facing the "hand", then turn the handles forward the required number of clicks.

Getting "pie-faced"

If you complete your turn without getting hit with whipped cream (from home), you score double the points you spun.

If you do get hit with the whipped cream (from home), you've been "pie-faced" and score no points.

Partial turn: You can elect to turn the handles fewer times than you've spun. After spinning, you must announce how many times you'll turn them instead. If you don't get "pie-faced", you score a point for each time you turned the handles.

Players score double only if they take their full turn. (I.e. If you spin a five, decide to only turn the handles twice, and don't get "pie-faced", you score two points).

Remember: You can wet the sponge and use that instead of using your own whipped cream.

End of the Game

The first player to 25 points is the winner!

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