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  • 4 hexagonal game
  • 80 markers
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to mark a continuous line of objects that connects the same colored border on opposite sides of your game board.


Give each player a game board. (Hold your board so that it cannot be seen by opponents). Place the markers in the center of the playing area, reachable by all.

Game Play

The first player to spot Seymour on her board starts the game. Play continues to the left.

On your turn, call out the name of any object on your board and then cover it with a marker. (For example, "Can you see a trumpet?")

Other players must find this exact object on their boards and also cover it with a marker.

When everyone has found and marked the object, the next player in turn does the same action: Calls out an object and covers it with a marker.

All players follow suit by finding and marking the matching object.

End of the Game

Play continues as above until someone is able to create a continuous line that connects one colored border to the matching color border on the opposite side of the board (red to red, yellow to yellow, or blue to blue).

The first player to do this shouts, "Picture Link!" and wins the game.

Note: If a marker touches two-colored borders, it may count toward either color.


For a more competitive game, play so that everyone can see each other's boards.

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