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  • 25 Geometric Shapes
  • Game Unit with Timer and Pop-up Tray
  • Label Sheet
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Be the quickest to fit all 25 shapes into the matching holes in the tray.


Choose one player to go first. Players then alternate turns. Place the shapes next to the game unit and mix them up. Then arrange the shapes so that their handles are facing up.

Set the switch at "STOP". Turn the timer dial CLOCKWISE until it stops at "0". Press down the pop-up tray.

Game Play

To start the timer, move the switch to "START" and quickly start fitting the shapes into their matching holes. See Figure 4.

  • If you finish before the timer runs out, quickly move the switch to "STOP". Your turn is then over.

    The number that the arrow is pointing to on the dial is the next player's time to beat! (If you're playing solo, try again to beat your own time!)

  • If you do NOT finish before the timer runs out, the tray will pop up-scattering the shapes on the tray ALL OVER!

    Your turn is then over and the original 60 seconds remains the time to beat. See Figure 5.

The next player then gathers all 25 shapes and takes his or her turn.

End of the Game

The player who matches all 25 shapes in the shortest time wins.

Note To Parents:

With Younger Children, try playing the game without the timer so that the children get used to fitting the shapes into the matching holes.

After they've learned where the shapes go, then add the challenge of the ticking timer.

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