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Come take a fun visit to the Park with some happy, loveable little Pegs as they race and jump from hole to hole along the colorful tracks in the Park. If you beat the other Pegs to the Ice Cream Cart, you win!

Pegs in the Park includes a cheerful deck of 44 cards depicting the many happy sights and activities you will see in an eventful day at the Park. But look out! The stormy rain clouds or some hungry ants would like to ruin the Pegs day in the park and keep your Peg from reaching the Ice Cream Cart.

Pegs in the Park is both great fun and educational. The loveable little Pegs will delight young players. This child's board game goes beyond entertaining and challenges the youngster in an exciting learning adventure.

The young player will have opportunities to practice counting, learn the concept of forward and backward, come to understand plus(+) and minus(-) along with developing small motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Every child deserves to grow up with Pegs in the Park.


  • Game board
  • Four Pegs
  • 30 plus(+) cards
  • 10 minus(-) cards
  • 2unhappy Peg cards
  • 2happy Peg cards with ice cream cones
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To be the first player in the Park to race his/her Peg to the Ice Cream Cart.


Each player chooses a Peg and places it in the starting hole in its matching color track.

Shuffle the cards and place them to the side of the board, face down. Choose a player to go first.

Game Play

  1. On your turn, draw a card from the playing deck.

  2. If a plus(+) card is drawn, jump your Peg forward that number shown.

  3. If a minus(-) card is drawn, jump your Peg backwards that number shown. If a minus (-) card is drawn at the starting turn, the player must remain at the start and does not move.

  4. If a card is drawn with an unhappy Peg under a rain cloud, you lose a turn.

  5. If a card is drawn with a happy Peg holding two ice cream cones, you draw fwo more cards for two moves.

  6. Leave card which has been played face up.

  7. If all cards have been drawn before the end of the race, reshuffle them, turn face down, and continue playing. Do this as many time as necessary.

End of the Game

You win if your Peg reaches the ICE CREAM CART at the finish line first.

three holes left before reaching the finish, the player must draw a three in order to win. If a player draws any number over three the player cannot move on that turn.

The player could also win in two plays, for example, by drawing a two and then a one.


  • or the very young players, the game can be played with plus(+) cards only.

  • For the older player who wants a challenge, the exact number card must be drawn in order to finish and win For example: If the player has

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