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Hugh and Jack Pigfellow have invited their piggy friends to share in the fun. Two of these "party animals" are yours to roll with in this pigtastic new version of Pass The Pigs - your opponents will use the other pairs.


  • Eight pig dice (2 yellow, 2 green, 2 purple & 2 blue)
  • deck of 30 cards (Roll, Bonus and Point cards)
  • zippered carrying case
  • illustrated rules

Object of the Game

Be the first player to score 100 points. You score by throwing your pigs and matching - before any other player - the roll card in play.


  1. Separate the twenty Roll cards, which depict pig throws. Shuffle these and place face down in the center of the table.
  2. Place the Bonus Roll Scoring and Point cards aside for now.
  3. Each player takes a pair of like-colored pigs for use during the game.
  4. Choose a player to go first.

Game Play

Rolling: The first player turns the top card in the Roll deck face up. All players take note of the pig combo showing. The first player then throws his pigs hoping to match the position of the pigs pictured on the card.

If the player is lucky enough to roll the combo shown, he collects the card and scores its value.

This is not likely to happen on the player's first roll. If it doesn't, he leaves his pigs undisturbed on the table; play passes to the left. In succession, each player rolls his pigs in the hopes of matching the pigs shown on the

Roll card. If no player has done so after one round, the first player rolls again.

Play continues to pass to the left until one player matches the roll pictured.

Important: A player must leave one of his pigs on the table if its pose is included on the roll. Thereafter, he only rolls the pig that doesn't match. +Note: a few cards require only ONE pig to score. If you are first to roll it, you win the card.

Leaning Jowler "Up for Grabs" rule

The Leaning Jowler is very tough to roll. If, after its card enters play, all players in turn do not roll it, it is covered by the next card in the deck. Thereafter, whichever player wins the new card gets the Leaning Jowler card as well!

Rolling a Pig Out

If a player throws a Pig Out (both of his pigs land as "siders" - one pig showing a spot, one pig not) he is out for the remainder of that round. (He cannot reroll and attempt to win the card in play).

Rolling an Oinker

If, at any time, a player throws an Oinker (two pigs touching one another) he forfeits one Roll or Point card of his choice. This card is placed on the bottom of its deck. If the player has no cards to forfeit, he is simply out until the next Roll card enters play.

Note: If, as a result of a roll, a player's pig touches \ or causes any other player's pig to change position, an Oinker has occurred. The rolling player loses a Roll or Point card of his choice (if he has any).

The opponent's pig is restored to its prior position (if it changed).


When a player's pigs match the roll pictured on the card, he claims the Roll card and keeps it beside himself. A player's score is the total of the points depicted on all the Roll and Bonus cards he earns during the game.

Bonus Roll and Bonus Scoring

If you match the target roll on your very first attempt, claim the card and earn a BONUS ROLL. Here's what you do:

  • Gather all eight pigs together, shake them, and let them fly. Then compare your roll to the scoring combos listed on the Bonus Roll Scoring card. If you're lucky enough to have rolled some pigs that match one or more of the bonus rolls listed on this card, you qualify to earn a point card (which adds to your score).

  • You can only claim one bonus Point card (even if you matched more than one bonus roll). Suggestion: Pick the bonus roll that scores the most.

  • Point cards are limited! If there's no Point card remaining of the highest amount you qualify for, you must take a lower valued card according to your roll. If no Point card remains that you qualify for, you're out of luck. Take no card.

  • Pig Outs or Oinkers have no effect during a bonus roll and do not count against you.

End of the Game

Play continues until one player has 100 or more total points, or until all of the Roll cards have been claimed, should no player earn 100 beforehand. Highest score wins the game!

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