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  • 4 pea pod letter holders
  • 180 letter peas
  • 4 pea baggies
  • 1 sand timer
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To build words and have the most points at the end of the game.


Each player chooses a bag oi letter peas and the matching pod letter holder. Place the sand timer in the center of the play area.

Game Play

  1. The player who ate peas last goes first.

  2. Draw 10 letter peas from your bag and place them face up in front of your letter holder.

  3. Start the game-choose a player to turn over the 30-second sand timer. All players race to build a word using their letter peas.

  4. When the timer runs out, it's time to "pass the peas". All players pass their letter holder to the player on the left.

  5. Turn the timer over. Now all players have 30 seconds to create a new wor by placing letter peas on, in front of, or after the existing letters on the other players' pea pods. You cannot create a word by covering all the previous player's peas.

    You must leave at least one letter uncovered. When the timer runs out, it's time to "pass the peas" to the player on your left.

    Repeat until your original pea pod is returned to you. Once you have your original pea pod, it's time to tally up your score.

  6. Tally the score using all the pods. Each player turns their pea pod around so they are visible to all players. Players receive one point for each of their peas that are still showing.

    Example: The yellow player receives 3 points, blue player receives 1 point and the orange player gets 3 points.

  7. After all players have tallied their scores, set aside all the letters used in that round and draw 10 new letter peas from your bag. Start a new round using the same rules you just played.

Additional Rules

  • A word must be correctly spelled. If not, the tiles are removed from play. If this leaves a pea pod empty, a player may create a new word-if they are able to do so with their remaining tiles-but only when the pea pod is passed to them.

  • If another player is able to make a word with the remaining tiles when the pea pod is passed, he or she may do so, earning extra points.

  • At least ONE letter from the original word must remain visible.

  • Changing the order of letters on the pod is NOT allowed.

  • It is OK to add letters before and after the existing word to create a new word.

  • It is not permissible to cover a letter with the same letter.

  • It is OK to challenge an opponent's word if it does not seem legal. Check with a dictionary and use the rules to determine if the word fits the requirements. If not, the tiles are cleared from that pea pod, and thos tiles will not be used for scoring.

Legal Words:

Must be in a standard English dictionary. Words not allowed: abbreviations, words that require a hyphen 1 or apostrophe, or proper nouns (spelled j with a capital letter).

Foreign words must be commonly used by English speakers, 1 and be in the English dictionary. »

End of the Game

Whoever has the most points after three rounds wins!

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