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  • One pack of 55 cards
  • The bomb
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The aim of the game is to quickly find a word that will fit with the illustration on the card and pass on the ticking bomb before it exploded.

Game Elements

The Bomb, The bomb has a variable electronic timer. Once started, nobody knows how long it is going to tick.

The Cards, Each card shows a familiar scene which is described on the card in English, French, and German.

Before playing with younger children is a good idea to go through the cards together, so that everybody becomes familiar with the pictures.

Game Play

The cards are shuffled, and ten cards are dealt face down into the center of the table. The youngest player who is given the bomb starts it by pressing the red button underneath.

At the same time, he or she takes the top card from the pack and places it face-up on the table, Having looked at the pictures on the card, the player holding the bomb must suggest something that would fit in with the scene.

For example: If the cards show a beach, good examples would be a sandcastle, shells or a bucket and spade, etc.

If the object is correct then once again the ticking bomb is passed on until such time as the bomb explodes and the player who is then holding it has to take a face-up card and place it in front of them.

The game then resumes with the player who was holding the bomb, When it exploded, starting a new round by drawing a fresh card from the pack and re-starting the ticking bomb.

Players may be challenged by the player on their immediate left if they

  1. name an object that does not fit into the scene depicted on the card or
  2. call out an object previously named in the same round.

In such cases, an alternative object must be found by the challenged player before the bomb is passed on.

As soon as the player has completed their turn they must pass on the bomb immediately, If the bomb is "in-between" players when it explodes, it is the following player who is deemed to have been holding the bomb when it exploded, assuming that the object given by the previous player is correct.


End of the Game

As soon as all ten cards have been exhausted the game ends. The player who has none or the smallest number of cards wins.

If there is a tie, then there will be a play-off between the qualifying players to establish an ultimate winner.

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