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An unthinkable catastrophe has ravaged Europe. The main infrastructure of Paris has been destroyed. In a few weeks, the city is covered in strange, lush vegetation. The survivors of the apocalypse must reunite, and roll up their sleeves to rebuild civilization in this new Eden.


  • 1 gameboard
  • 20 dice representing the survivors to gather
  • 16 Event tiles (4 per season)
  • 32 Mission cards
  • 75 Building cards
  • 29 Additional Survivor tokens
  • 2 Equipment tokens
  • 30 Can tokens
  • 1 Binoculars token
  • 1 Bat token
  • 1 Heroine token
  • 4 marker cubes and 4 marker discs
  • 4 player boards
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

You have one year to build your refuge . During each season , you will gather new survivors from post-apocalyptic Paris to build your refuge, overcome events, and feed your population . At the end of winter, the player who has accumulated the most victory points wins the game.


Place the gameboard in the middle of the table 1. For each of the 5 locations on the gameboard, take the indicated number of dice (it depends on the number of players), roll them, and place them on it 2. In a 2- or 3-player game, return the remaining dice to the box.

Shuffle the Mission cards face down and deal 3 to each player 3.Then place the deck of Mission cards on its space near the Bridge location on the gameboard 4.

Place the Can tokens on their space near the Restaurant location 5. Place the Bat and Binoculars tokens on their spaces near the City Center location 6 and the Heroine token on its space near the Tower location 14.

Shuffle the Equipment tokens face down and draw 3. Place them face up on the 3 spaces in the City Center 7. Then, make 3 stacks of 3 face- down Equipment tokens each for the other 3 rounds of the game, and place them on the corresponding area of the gameboard 8.

Spread out the following 5 Survivor tokens beside the gameboard 9: 1 brawler, 1 farmer, 1 sage, 1 tinkerer, 1 healer.

Shuffle the rest of the Survivor tokens and draw 6 of them. Place these die-face-side (white side) up on the 6 spaces of the Train Station 10. Then, make 3 stacks of 6 die-face-side-up Survivor tokens for the other 3 rounds of the game, and place them on the corresponding area of the gameboard 11.

Shuffle the 4 Spring (number-1) Event tiles, draw 3, and place one face up on each corresponding space near the Tower location 12. Return the final tile to the box. Place the other seasons' Event tiles face down beside the gameboard 13.

Take the deck of Tinkerer Building cards A; Remove the 6 "END" cards. Shuffle these two Tinkerer decks separately. Place the "END" cards face down on the corresponding space of the gameboard. Finally, place the cards from the other Tinkerer deck face down atop them 15.

In a 2- or 3-player game, remove the first 3 cards from the Tinkerer Building deck. Return these cards to the box.

Shuffle the Sage D, Farmer E, Brawler B, and Healer C Building decks separately, and place each on its respective space 16.

Lay out the first 3 cards of each Building deck face up in a column below its deck 17. In a 2- or 3-player game, only lay out 2 of each Building deck.

Each player: Take a player board, cube, and disc of matching color, and place them in front of you. Place the cube near the gameboard, and place the disc on 0 on the score track 18.

Note: In a 3- or 4-player game, close the corresponding spaces on your player board so you don't cheat yourself.

The youngest player will be the first player in the first round.


Starting with the player to the right of the first player, and going counter- clockwise, choose one of the 5 Survivor tokens set aside during setup, and place it die-face-side up on the dedicated space of your player board.

Then, choose 1 Mission card from the 3 you have, and place it face down in front of you.

Tuck your other two Mission cards face down under the Mission card deck.

Game Play

The game lasts 4 rounds, called Seasons. Each Season comprises 4 steps:

  1. Gather survivors.
  2. Acquire buildings.
  3. Resolve the event and feed your people.
  4. Prepare the next season.

1. Gather Survivors

In turn order (starting with the first player and going clockwise), choose a die still on one of the 5 locations of the gameboard, and do the following:

  1. Take the die.
  2. Perform the location's action.

A. Take the Die

Add the chosen die to the dedicated hole in your player board without changing its face.

Five of the die faces depict one of the 5 survivor types:

The final face is a wild, which can be used as one of the survivors you have gathered.

The number of dice you can take during a season is defined by the player count.

B. Perform the location's action

You must perform the action of the location from which you took your die. There are 5 locations with different actions:


Choose one of the events still face up, and flip it face down. If you are the first player to perform this action, additionally take the Heroine token.

Events let you gain victory points if you have met their conditions at the end of the season.

The Heroine token acts as a wild for overcoming events.


Draw the first 3 Mission cards and choose one. Then tuck the other 2 Mission cards face down under the deck.

Mission cards let you gain new buildings or score endgame victory points.

New Buildings

If you meet the conditions, place this card as an additional Building, which provides you with additional equipped survivors or Can tokens.

Secret Mission:!

Keep these Mission cards secret; you will reveal them at the end of the game. For each successful mission, you will score the victory points indicated on the card.


Take 1 Can token. Store Can tokens on your player board until you need them.

Can tokens will feed your survivors if you are short of farmers.

City Center

Choose one of the Equipment tokens still available.

Equipment tokens: Combined with your survivors, they let you overcome events. You keep these until the end of the game.

The Bat token: It lets you win ties for acquiring buildings. You keep this until the end of the round.

The Binoculars token: It lets you become the first player for the next season, and is worth 2 victory points at the end of the game. You keep this until the end of the round.

Train Station

Choose one of the available Survivor tokens, and immediately add it die-face-side up to the dedicated space on your player board.

Survivor tokens first help you acquire new buildings, then become additional survivors for your refuge.

Example: Lucy goes to the Train Station, and chooses a die showing a healer, which she adds to her player board, then she chooses a wild Survivor token, which she also adds to her player board.

2. Acquire Buildings

During this step, you will enlarge your refuge by acquiring buildings according to the dice and Survivor tokens you gathered in Step 1.

There are 5 different types of building:

You will distribute the Building cards in order, from left to right, starting with the tinkerer buildings.

For each type of building, do the following:

  1. Announce your strength.
  2. Claim buildings.
  3. Discard used dice and add used Survivor tokens to your refuge.

A. Announce your strength

Starting with the player who has the Binoculars token, and going clock- wise, announce your strength in the type of building currently being distributed:

On your turn, count the dice and Survivor tokens on your player board that match that building type, and announce the total.

If your strength is at least 1, you can add as many of your wild survivors as you wish to increase your strength in that type.

Example of claiming Tinkerer buildings:

Marc has the Binoculars token, and thus must be the first to announce his strength. Tinkerers, as always, are first. He has 2 dice showing tinkerers, and 1 tinkerer Survivor token; so, he announces a strength of 3.

Lucy has 1 die showing a tinkerer, and 3 wild Survivor tokens; she decides to use 2 of the wild survivors, and also announces a strength of 3.

B. Claim Buildings

From the strongest player to the weakest, each player must take a Building card. In a 4-player game, one player will not get a Building card.

If there is a tie in strength, the player with the Bat token, or the first player clockwise from them, wins the tie.

Important: You must have a strength of at least 1 to take a Building card. Thus, it's possible that not all of the cards will be claimed.

Important: When you acquire a farmer building, you also take as many Can tokens as indicated on the card.

New Buildings

If your refuge has all of the survivors indicated on the left side of one of your Mission cards, at any moment in the game, you can place it face up in your refuge to gain the items indicated on the right side of the card.

C. Discard used dice and add used survivor tokens to your refuge

After having claimed the Building cards, discard the dice of that building type, as well as any wilds you used, from your player board.

Flip the Survivor tokens you used to their illustrated side, and place them in your refuge. They now act just like the survivors printed on the cards.

Note: The wild survivors become slackers after you use them.

Example: Lucy discards her Tinkerer die, and adds the 2 wild Survivor tokens she used to her refuge, flipped to their Slacker side.

3. Resolve the Event and feed your People

A. Resolve the Event

At the end of the round, one Event tile will still be face up on the gameboard. This tile indicates the number of equipped survivors you must have in your refuge in order to overcome it.

Each survivor the event requires must have their own equipment:

If you have the Heroine token, it counts as an equipped survivor of which- ever type you wish.

Note: The survivor and their equipment do not need to be on the same card in your refuge.

If you successfully overcome the event, you gain the victory points indi- cated on the Event tile.

Example: To overcome the event, Lucy's refuge must have a combination of 4 equipped healers and/or sages. She has 3 healers, 2 capsules, 1 sage, and 2 books. She lacks 1 capsule or 1 sage to overcome the event. Lucy doesn't score any victory points.

Example: Max must have 3 equipped brawlers and 3 equipped sages to overcome the event. His refuge has 4 brawlers, 5 bullets, 2 sages, 2 books, and the Heroine token. Max uses the Heroine token as an equipped sage, to make up for the one he lacks, so he scores 6 victory points.

B. People

Count all of the survivors in your refuge, including those printed on the cards and Survivor tokens gathered from the Train Station. Then update your marker on the population track to indicate how many survivors are living in your refuge.

The zone your marker is in indicates how many farmers you need to feed your population.

For each farmer you lack, you must discard 1 Can token to feed your population successfully.

If you succeed in feeding your population, you gain the victory points indicated in your population marker's zone.

Example: Marc has a population of 24 survivors in his refuge; he needs 6farmers to feed his population. Because he only has 4 farmers in his refuge, he spends 2 Can tokens to feed his population and score 6 victory points.

4. Prepare the Next Season

The game lasts 4 Seasons; if you just finished the 4th Season (winter), skip to the End of the Game, without performing the following steps:

  • Dice: For each of the 5 locations, take the appropriate number of dice, reroll them, and place them on the board.

  • Train Station: Add the next 6 Survivor tokens. In a 2-player game, first dis- card the remaining Survivor tokens, then add the 6 new tokens.

  • City Center: Return the Binoculars token and the Bat token to their spaces, then add the next 3 Equipment tokens.

  • Tower: Discard the Event tiles. Shuffle the 4 Event tiles for the new Season, draw 3, and place them face up on their spaces. Return the final tile to the box. Finally, return the Heroine token to its space.

  • Building cards: Discard any remaining Building cards, then draw 3 new Building cards of each type to lay out face up below their respective decks.

In a 2- or 3-player game, only lay out 2 of each type.

First player: The player who had the binoculars becomes the first player for the new season.

End of the Game

In addition to the victory points that you have gained during the game, reveal your secret missions and see if you have completed them.

For each successful mission, add the corresponding victory points. Don't forget that certain Tinkerer buildings grant victory points.

Having the binoculars at the end of the game, gives you 2 victory points. The player with the most points wins. If there is a tie, the tied player with the most survivors wins.

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