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Order up! It's a busy day at the diner, so don't dilly-dally. Help your customers get just what they ordered by racing the other servers to the grill, relay style, and piling up pancakes in precisely the right order.

The first server (or team) to find 'em, stack 'em, and serve 'em up wins the game!


  • 10 Pancakes
  • 2 Pats of butter
  • 2 Plates
  • 2 Spatulas
  • 10 Order cards
  • Griddle game board
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first server (or team) to stack the pancakes on your plate in the sequence shown on the order card and top them with a butter pat.

Note: For younger or more inexperienced players, eliminate the order cards and have servers simply race to stack up five pancakes and a pat of butter in no particular order.


Place all the pancakes and butter pats on the griddle game board inside the box.

Place a plate for each server or team approximately 15 feet (4.5 meters) away at the customers' "table". Place the order cards next to the griddle. Divide players into two teams of six servers.

Note: For diners with a smaller staff, servers take more than one turn filling their customers' order.

If only two servers are working at the diner, they compete to serve the entire order first. That kind of hard work deserves a BIG tip!

Game Play

  1. Turn over an order card. The card shows the sequence of how the pancakes must be stacked on the plate-banana, plain, blueberry, chocolate chip, etc.

  2. Someone calls, "Order up!" Servers scramble to find the first pancake shown on the order card.

  3. Servers race to the plates, pancakes on spatulas, to stack the first pancakes on their plates.

  4. Servers then run back to the griddle and hand the spatula to the next server. That server scrambles in the griddle to find the second pancake shown on the order card and delivers it to the plate, stacking it on top of the first pancake.

  5. The race continues until one server or team completes the stack and tops it with a pat of butter!

  6. Servers check one another to make sure the order was delivered in the correct sequence.

End of the Game

The first server or team to deliver the order correctly wins.

Physical Games Build the Brain

Playing Pancake Pile-Up! helps children develop important gross motor skills, like balance and coordination.

Research shows that physical exercise boosts learning.

PLUS, children practice following a sequence, a beginning math skill-talk about the icing on the (pan)cake!

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