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  • 1 Maze Game Board (5 parts)
  • 1 Electronic PAC-MAN Pawn
  • 4 Ghost Pawns: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde
  • 40 Ghost Cards
  • 16 Blue Ghost Tokens
  • 4 Ghost Eyes Tokens
  • 4 Power Pellet Tokens
  • 4 Scoring Pieces
  • 3 Pac-MAN Life Tokens
  • 3 Yellow PAC-MAN Dice
  • 3 Fruit Tokens
  • 1 High Score Note Pad
  • Instructions


Let's Set-up The Maze Game Board

  • Insert a yellow peg into each hole on the game board. Push pegs into hole from top side of the board (maze up) until peg pops into the hole (with fat side of peg up).

  • Ensure all pegs are in 1 heir UP position. Make it easy by flippinci each plastic board piece over (maze down) and pressing down on all yellow pegs so they pod UP on the other side.

Each piece of the maze game board is marked (A, B, C, D, E).

Assemble the game board by connecting the pieces together in alphabetical order like shown.

Flip the four Power Pellet tokens to reveal the Power Pellets. Place them on the four indented blank spaces in the maze, one on each corner of the board.

Now place the Character Pawns:
  • Remove the white tab on PAC-MAN pawn & push down to activate sound effects.
  • Place PAC-MAN on his yellow START space.
  • Place Blinky (red) oil the RED GHOST space above the central ghost cage.
  • Place the other three ghosts in the ghost cage as shown on the maze.
  • Place a full-set of 16 blue ghost tokens near the game board.

Ghost Cards:
  • Remove the (5) Yellow Level 2 cards from the deck and place them in the box (unless playing Arcade Mode or starting Level 2).

  • Shuffle the remaining (35) Blue Level 1 cards and place them face-down near the board. This is the Ghost deck.

Choosing Characters:
  • Each player will take a turn playing as PAC-MAN.

  • Roll the dice to see who plays as PAC-MAN first. The highest number goes first.

  • The remaining players will decide who controls which ghosts -

    For Example:

    • 2 player game - one player controls all 4 ghosts (the other player is PAC-MAN).
    • 3 player game - each player controls 2 ghosts.
    • 4 player game - one player controls 2 ghosts, and the other two players each control 1 ghost.
    • 5 player game - each ghost player controls 1 ghost.
  • Ghost players place their respective colored Ghost Eyes Tokens in front of them. Now You're Ready To Play!

Object of the Game

Take turns playing as PAC-MAN while the other players work together playing as the ghosts trying to catch him.

Move PAC-MAN around the maze collecting Pac-Dots and earning points. After each player takes a turn as PAC-MAN, the one with the highest score wins!

Game Play

Pac-MAN has 1 life in this game. Pac-MAN will gain points by collecting all the Pac-Dots in each section of the maze. Complete all four sections to complete the level. PAC-MAN and the ghosts take turns moving. Here's How:

Players take turns moving as their characters. PAC-MAN goes first:

  1. Pac-MAN rolls the 3 yellow dice. Add up their value and move that number of spaces in the maze. Each Pac-Dot (yellow peg), Power Pellet, and greyed out circle on the maze is one space.

  2. Pac-MAN may move forward, backwards, up, and down through the maze. He may move back and forth multiple times between spaces if he wishes. He just needs to move the number of spaces rolled.

    If he lands on a ghost, PAC-MAN's game is over - unless he has eaten a Power Pellet (more on Power Pellets later).

  3. As PAC-MAN moves over a Pac-Dot in its UP position, the player must press that peg down flat. This signifies that PAC-MAN has collected that Pac-Dot.

The GHOSTS now take their turn chasing him:

  1. The Ghost players flip over the top Ghost card in the deck.

  2. Each Ghost card shows the turn order that the ghosts must take (starting from the top and going to the bottom). Each ghost has a number that indicates the number of spaces it must move.

  3. Ghosts may move forward, backward, up, and down - but must move in a continuous direction. Ghosts may not suddenly go in reverse back to the last space it just moved from.

  4. Ghosts may collaborate and discuss their moves, but once a ghost pawn is moved, its turn is over.

  5. If a Fruit Card is drawn, then place a fruit token on PAC-MAN's start space. PAC-MAN may eat this for bonus points. Then draw another Ghost Card for the ghosts' turn.

    Always place the cherries token first. When this is eaten, place the strawberry token next. Then when eaten, place the orange token last. Each fruit increases in value (see Scoring - Bonus Fruit).

    If you draw a fruit token card but all the fruit tokens have been eaten, or there is already a fruit token on the maze, then discard this card and draw another for the ghosts' turn.

Play continues until either PAC-MAN collects all the Pac-Dots on the board and completes the level or is caught by a ghost.

Movement Rules

  • When starting a game, Blinky (red ghost) must move first so the other ghosts can leave the ghost cage and enter the maze. So, if Blinky is not the first ghost to move on the first card drawn, then the ghosts that appear before him lose their turn since they cannot move out of the cage.

  • Ghosts cannot move through other ghost pawns.

  • If a ghost cannot move the total of their assigned movement, they move as far as they can, and then their turn ends.

  • When a Ghost Eyes Token enters the ghost cage, that ghost's movement immediately ends, and their turn is over. The Ghost Eyes Token is replaced by the ghost pawn and then waits in the ghost cage until the next turn.

  • The TUNNEL connects the left and right sides of the game board. When a player moves their pawn through the TUNNEL, the pawn continues its movement on the other side of the board.


Power Pellets & Eating Ghosts:

When PAC-MAN eats a Power Pellet he becomes energized and may now eat ghosts and score points for a limited time.

Activating a Power Pellet:
  1. When PAC-MAN moves onto a Power Pellet, his movement ends immediately, but his turn continues. He now gets a chance to eat ghosts for the next 3 rolls.

  2. First, flip the Power Pellet token over to display the gray circle underneath, (see left)

  3. Now PAC-MAN gets 3 moves. Roll 1 yellow die and then move that number of spaces. Then, roll the second yellow die and move. Finally, roll the third die and move. During this movement, Pac-MAN may eat ghosts, turning them into ghost eyes that must return to their ghost cage to regenerate back into a ghost.

  4. When PAC-MAN finishes his 3 rolls, he can no longer eat ghosts (until he eats another Power Pellet). PAC-MAN's turn is over, and the ghosts now take their turn chasing him once again.

Eating Ghosts:

If an energized PAC-MAN moves through a ghost, that ghost is eaten. Three things occur:

  1. Swap that ghost pawn with its corresponding ghost eyes token (matching color).

    A Ghost Eyes Token acts like a pawn and must use its upcoming moves to travel back to the ghost cage to regenerate into a ghost before it can start chasing PAC-MAN again. Ghost Eyes can move through other players and other players can move through them until they respawn in the ghost cage.

  2. When a ghost is eaten, the PAC-MAN player collects a Blue Ghost Token and places it in his score pile. Each Blue Ghost Token is worth 200 points!

  3. Pac-MAN continues moving to complete the amount on their die roll.

If PAC-MAN ends his Power Pellet die movement on a ghost, that ghost is eaten, and the ghost pawn is then removed from the board and replaced with its corresponding Ghost Eyes Token that is placed underneath PAC-MAN.

Bonus Fruit:

To eat a fruit token, PAC-MAN will move over it on the game board, and not land on it like a space on the maze.

Completing Sections of the Maze to Score:

When PAC-MAN has collected all the Pac-Dots in one section, or corner quadrant, of the plastic board, the PAC-MAN player collects a mini-board token of that section as a reward and places it in his score pile. It is worth 800 points!

If a player clears all 4 sections, they earn all 4 mini-board tokens for a total of 3,200 points!

If PAC-MAN does not clear a quadrant, they do not earn that board token.

Alternate Way to Score

Arcade purists may still want to count the Pac-Dots you collect in addition to scoring above. In this event, count each Pac-Dot as 40 points, and see how many points they earned throughout the course of a game.

Completing the Maze

If PAC-MAN successfully collects all the Pac-Dots and clears the board then he advances to level 2!

  • The PAC-MAN player adds up all the points they collected in Level 1 and writes them down on the High Score note pad, then returns all the tokens they've collected back to their starting places around the board.

  • Add the (5) Yellow Ghost cards to the Ghost Deck and reshuffle. These cards will make the ghosts a little bit faster than Level 1 when drawn.

  • Reset the Maze and pop all the yellow pegs into the UP position. Place all the character pawns in their starting positions. Flip over any Power Pellets to their starting positions.

  • Begin Level 2 just as you did Level 1 with PAC-MAN going first. Continue playing until PAC-MAN clears the board or is caught by a ghost. If PAC-MAN continues to clear levels, keep resetting the board and start the next level until PAC-MAN is caught.

Game Over

When a ghost lands on PAC-MAN, he has caught him, and the game is over.

  • Add up all the PAC-MAN player's points: Ghost tokens, fruit tokens, mini-board pieces, etc., and write the score on the High Score notepad.

  • Reset the Maze and pop all the yellow pegs into the UP position to start a new game.

  • Now place all the character pawns in their starting positions. Reshuffle the Ghost cards and place face-down.

  • The next player starts as PAC-MAN. To decide who is PAC-MAN next roll the die. Everyone rolls who has not been PAC-MAN yet.

100 Points Bonus Fruit.

200 Points Bonus Fruit.

500 Points Bonus Fruit.

200 Points Gobble Blue Ghost.

800 Points Mini-Board Token.

3,200 Points Complete Mini-Board

End of the Game

After each player has had a turn playing as PAC-MAN, the player that had the highest score is the winner!

Play Arcade Mode

Now you have 3 lives as PAC-MAN.

When setting up, place 2 PAC-MAN life tokens under the maze game board to indicate how many additional lives Pac-Man has in the current game.

Add the (5) Yellow Level 2 Ghost cards to the Ghost Deck and reshuffle. These cards will make the ghosts a little bit faster than Level 1 when drawn.

Begin and play the game as normal with the following differences:

  • If a ghost catches PAC-MAN, he loses a life and must now play one of his additional lives. Remove one of PAC-MAN's life tokens from the board to continue playing.

  • Reset all the ghost and PAC-MAN pawns to their starting positions on the maze to start PAC-MAN's next life. Keep the Pac-Dots as they are and continue playing on the same board.

  • When PAC-MAN loses his last life, the game is over. The Pac-Man player adds up his points for the game and adds it to the High Score note pad.

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